Video Shows Angry Residents Confronting Parking Officer for Ticketing Cars in Driveways

A viral video posted to TikTok earlier this week showed a confrontation between angry neighbors and a parking inspector. In the video, a group of residents stand outside their homes and start telling the officer they cannot be ticketed for parking in their own driveways.

The caption of the video posted by user @alandakrayi5 read, "London getting a ticket on private property." The video currently has over 388,000 views and 1,480 comments.

In the video, an older man can be heard telling the ticketing inspector, "that's my house. That's not the council's, that's private," while others tell the officer they will not be paying the tickets.


London getting a ticket on private property

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The video showed multiple cars parked in front of private residences with bright yellow parking tickets on the windshield. The typical cost of a parking citation differs depending on the area, but fines issued by the city of London can range from $110 up to about $180 depending on the offense. People are typically given 28 days to pay the fines and sometimes fines can be reduced if paid within 14 days.

Many commenters on the video thought it was ridiculous that people were receiving tickets while parking on their own private property.

"So even if I owned the land I can't park on it," joked one user in the comments.

"Can you imagine getting a ticket on your own driveway," another person wrote in the comments.

Others said that the officer was right for ticketing the cars since there was no dropped curb, or kerb, in front of the properties. A dropped curb is a lowered part of the pavement that gives clearance to vehicles and people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

Without a dropped curb the residents had to drive over the pavement to park their cars there. In the United Kingdom, driving onto the pavement without a dropped curb, or lowered curb which gives access to vehicles, is a fineable offense.

"It's an offense to access your front drive without an authorized Footway Crossing [Dropped Kerb]," one user wrote. "The council will consider Enforcement action."

Many commenters stated that they've had similar issues and were able to appeal their tickets.

"I appealed against my ticket as we park on the pavement and we've done it for years. Council said its OK but still got a ticket. Appealed and won!" another user commented.

Residents Confront Ticket Officer
The video shows local residents complaining to the ticketing officer that they should not be ticketed for parking in their private driveways, but others believe they should be ticketed for parking without a drop curb. The video has amassed nearly 390,000 views. mikeinlondon/Getty Images

England also allows residents to request a drop curb in front of their property. The drop curb would be located at the end of a driveway to allow the car to safely pass from the road up into the pavement without damaging the existing curb. Residents can also apply for a permit that allows them to park in front of a dropped curb if it is located on their private property.

The Sun reported that the Department for Transport was unable to comment on the dispute because it falls under local jurisdiction.