Video: Alligator Spotted Lurking Behind Boy As Mom Filmed Him Playing With Giant Inflatable Gator

When Nicola Mojia filmed her son playing in the yard she joked she wanted to "make one of those funny YouTube videos." But she couldn't have predicted she would end up recording the scariest moment of her life.

A video of the moment shows her son Timmy playing on an aquaslide in Orlando, Florida, and throwing an inflatable alligator into the air. The footage cuts short when Mojica notices there are two alligators in her garden: her son's toy and a real one inches just inches away from him.

Mojia shared the video on her Facebook page to warn others that alligator mating season is in full swing, and the creatures may therefore be a more common sight for Floridians.

"Do you see him!?? The Gator was hanging out next to my house watching my kids play!!! [sic]" she wrote on Facebook.

"It went running down my slip and slide after we screamed and of course we ran! Please Share this Video for awareness to check in between houses regularly for gators traveling [sic]."

In a separate post she added: "Never in my life have I been so scared. This thing was watching us the whole time from the side of my house and it ran down my slip and slide into the pond. Now it's just sitting there looking."

"I was making a fun video of Timmy playing with a blow up gator. The WHOLE time we had this unwanted guest watching us."

The video has already been viewed more than 27,000 times.

Currently, Florida is in the midst of alligator mating season. Courtship starts in early April, and the animals begin mating in May or June, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Part of the process sees females dig a nest using soil, vegetation and debris, where they deposit between 32 to 46 eggs in late June or early July.

A mother in Florida said she had never been as scared as when she spotted an alligator inches from her son in their yard. Getty Images

The hatchlings will crack through the eggs from mid-August to early September. Often, around one third of alligator nests are destroyed by predators, such as raccoons, or by flooding. Only around 10 alligators will live to see their first birthday, on average.

Luckily for Mojia, while alligators are opportunistic feeders who devour whatever they have easiest access to, the animals live off fish, snakes, turtles, as well as birds and small mammals—not children.

And although they do inhabit most stretches of Floridian marshes, rivers and swamps, attacks on humans are rare. In fact, most alligators are scared of us, ecologist Lucas Nell, of the University of Georgia, told BBC News.

According to a 2010 study, there were only 24 deaths from alligators in the U.S. between 1928 to 2009, the majority of which were in Florida.