Video Shows Children Smuggled Across Razor Wire, Wading Through Cold Water At Mexican Border To Reach U.S.

On Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency released two videos that display the dangers for immigrants who illegally cross into the United States.

The videos, taken one week apart in December 2018, show children crying as they are dunked in cold water and shuffled through an opening to reach the U.S. After the children reach the border, an adult guides them one by one over razor wire installed on an embankment.

While those on the video do not indicate if the adults transferring the children through barriers are the parents or human smugglers, a text screen added by border control indicated that the adults are migrant smugglers moving children cross the border in the Yuma, Arizona border sector.

"On 12/18/18 in Yuma sector, smugglers push a group of family units through a hole under the border wall near the Sanchez Canal despite Border Patrol agents' verbal warnings," a caption on the video says.

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The first segment of video shows migrants climbing through spiraled razor wire and underneath the border barrier. One by one, an adult emerges with a child in tote.

"Don't do that! Look at the child!" one agent yelled in the Dec. 18 video. "Hey, careful! Careful with the boy!"

The video cuts away to a video from a different day, this time Dec. 22, 2018, with migrants pushing families across a water and wire crossing, also in the Yuma sector.

"The Mexican authorities responded and stopped the smuggling effort," the video read. "One woman was encouraged to return to Mexico to be with her niece and sister, but she instead surrendered to Border Patrol Agents."

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In the video, border agents can be seen from beyond the embankment, watching the border crossing take place as sirens wail in the background.

"Return back!" one agent could be heard yelling.

The video has a stamp that reads the water was 55 degrees, and the water appeared to have a fairly strong current.

The dramatic and dangerous crossing isn't the end point, nor is it the beginning for so many migrant children every month. The journey often starts in Central America, with a foot trek across Mexico, usually through extreme heat and cold.

Once a child makes it to the border, if they make it, they are subjected to such dangers as razor wire, cold waters, dangerous river crossings and sometimes facing armed guards. The lucky children cross the border with their parents or relatives and stay with them.

Then there are the children who are pulled from adult supervision. This CNN report states there are 14,000 immigrant children who've been in detention camps upwards of a year. The report states 11,900 children were detained last June while another 900 children were added to that number by September.

Longer detentions have led to greater mental health risks, and children who don't have adult supervision are at even a higher risk in the detention system, CNN reported.

Increased border security — and a proposed barrier along the southern U.S. border — has been a cornerstone of President Donald Trump's tenure and a rallying cry during his 2016 campaign.

The U.S. government shut down for 35 days from late December through late January, mostly because Congress couldn't agree on budget terms to fund Trump's border wall. The shutdown began Dec. 22, which ironically is the day of the water crossing in this video. reported that more than 125,000 people have been released by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency since Dec. 21.

Trump said last week he planned to shut down the border with Mexico, and he has a planned visit to the California border with Mexico this week.

Video Shows Children Smuggled Across Razor Wire, Wading Through Cold Water At Mexican Border To Reach U.S. | U.S.