Video Shows Liquor Store Customers Attacked by People Wielding Knives and Machetes

On Sunday night, a bizarre brawl broke out in a Fremont, California liquor store when several people armed with bladed weapons attacked two customers in the process of checking out. The attack resulted in three hospitalizations, local police said, according to The Mercury News. It also rattled neighborhood residents in a big way.

"We don't need this around here, man," Rick Reboca, who owns the nearby Rick's Sundale Barber Shop, said after watching surveillance footage of the attack. "This is a peaceful place. I've been here for 45 years, and I've seen a few battles out here, but nothing like this."

The footage referenced depicts the victims paying for several items at the cash register. Within seconds, four people, all clutching knives and swords, enter the store through a door to the right, come up behind them, and begin slashing wildly. Two people rush over in an apparent attempt to intervene but are assaulted as well. One of the perpetrators eventually seizes one of the victims, puts him in a headlock, and stabs his chest several times.

Bloodstains were still visible on the floor for days afterward, according to Mercury News.

Later that night, police responding to a 911 call from one of the victims and arrested four people in connection with the crime, including two minors and 27-year-old Diadem Velcu, according to KTVU.

Velcu, who has been charged with predetermined attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and false imprisonment by violence, is being held without bail in Santa Rita Jail, according to the News.

The fourth suspect has been hospitalized for injuries sustained in the attack and required surgery. He will be booked once he is discharged, police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques told the News. While she said that the perpetrators and the victims know each other, she did not specify the nature of their relationship. However, investigating officers reportedly do not believe that the attack was gang-related, according to KTVU.

Jaswant Kang, who owns the store, told the News that the two victims are regular customers. He described them as "very respectful," so much so that they call his wife "Mama."

"They should not be fighting," he said. "I want them to think about what they are doing."

Kang said that his wife, who was manning the cash register at the time of the attack, was shaken by what she witnessed. In the footage, she can be seen trying to break up the fight before picking up her phone to call the police.

Both of the victims are expected to survive, according to KTVU.

A man stocks liquor store shelves.
A man stocks liquor store shelves with alcohol. On Sunday, one such store became the scene of a bizarre attack involving knives and swords. MANJUNATH KIRAN/Getty Images