Video Shows Muslim Woman Subjected to Racist Rant in Florida Pharmacy

While shopping at a Walgreens in Fort Lauderdale, FL earlier this month, Nahla Ebaid, who is an Egyptian-American Muslim, became the target of an impromptu Islamophobic tirade.

In a series of horrifying video clips Ebaid posted on her personal social media accounts on April 4, her attacker, a blonde woman, insults her clothing, nationality, and religious beliefs before calling the police on them.

"They're here in our country," she tells the operator. Somewhat ironically, the woman is wearing a shirt that reads "Tokyo."

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According to the caption, the woman became irate after a store employee asked her to put on a mask and told Ebaid and her husband, "I wish I was from your country so I don't have to wear a mask."

When they bristled, she allegedly began hurling pejoratives, obscenities, and racial slurs in their direction, including the N-word.

In the first clip, the woman calls the Ebaids "f*****g Muslims," tells them to "kiss my a**," and implies that she spat on them. She also repeatedly mocks Ebaid's attire.

"Oh, I love your garb," she tells Ebaid sarcastically before ordering her to "pull that up, honey." At another point, she calls Ebaid an "ugly b***h* repeatedly and asks her, "Why do you wear clothes like that?"

When a cashier asks the woman to put on a mask again, she refuses and begins insulting bystanders. "What a bunch of idiots here," she huffs at one point, shaking her head. During her phone conversation with the police, she repeatedly refers to the Ebaids as "Muslims" and accuses them of threatening her with verbal and physical violence.

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"God, you're ugly," she says. "No wonder people hate you. Israelis rule."

But her decision to call the cops backfires on her spectacularly. The final clip depicts the woman being handcuffed by several officers as she begs them to release her, saying, "Please, please don't do this. I didn't do anything" and claiming that she is not racist because she has "friends that are Muslim," according to Hollywood Unlocked.

In an April 6 post, Ebaid reported that she uploaded the clips to raise awareness of Islamophobia in the United States.

"I'm Nahla and this experience happened to me and I'm the one who took the videos and I wanted to upload this video to tell every Arab, Muslim or any person who meets someone from this sick mentality, don't be afraid to call the police and take your right and don't curse," she wrote, according to the Facebook translation.

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