Video Shows Police Officer Punching Autistic Teen in Face: 'Don't Make Me Hurt You More'

Viral video shows a police officer slamming a 17-year-old autistic boy to the ground and punching him in the face as he was restrained last week.

On Thursday, Adam Wolf shared video of the incident involving his son Preston, who he said has Autism and ADHD, to Facebook. On the previous afternoon, a neighbor's doorbell security camera captured an unidentified Vacaville, California police officer tackling Preston before punching him in the face as his knee pinned the boy to the ground.

The officer could then be heard shouting "you're gonna get hurt, don't make me hurt you more."

"[Preston] looks and acts younger than he is. Everyone he meets, thinks he is younger than he is," Wolf wrote in the post. "Preston was Aggressively approached by a Vacaville, California police officer. The officer screamed at him to sit down which he did. The officer then moved Aggressively toward my son, threw his scooter and got in his face. My son became fearful, as would any child with Autism. The officer went to touch Preston, at which point Preston moves away."

"The officer felt it was a good idea to THROW Preston to the ground," added Wolf. "Once on the ground, the officer climbed on top of Preston and PUNCHED him in the face... I don't believe that Preston will ever trust a police officer again. I am pro police, but I am not pro ABUSE! This individual and department must be held accountable for their actions. NO child, disability or not, deserves to be treated like this."

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Adam Wolf later told local Fox affiliate KTXL that his son had been in a confrontation with another boy, who police said was 16 years old, and had "picked up a piece of metal or a metal pole" in an attempt to defend himself before an adult intervened and the confrontation ended.

Preston was unaware that police had gone to visit a neighbor when the officer arrived. Police told KTXL that "distraction strikes" had been used to "overcome resistance," although the video does not appear to show Preston resisting in any obvious way at the moment he was punched in the face.

The officer was not suspended after the incident and reportedly remains on duty.

Acting Police Chief Ian Schmutzler said in a statement obtained by Newsweek that the officer involved had been responding to a report of a person "being stabbed." He said that the Vacaville Police Department was investigating "any and all aspects" of the incident, while noting that an initial review found that the officer was unaware that Preston was "an individual with special needs."

"Our preliminary review of the available video and radio traffic indicates the arresting officer did not have prior knowledge that the suspect was an individual with special needs," he continued. "We are in the process of confirming the time stamps of those various sources so we have an accurate timeline of the events of the incident."

"I want to assure you that I do NOT take this circumstance lightly and that I am dedicated to doing all I can to ensure accountability and transparency as we examine ALL aspects of this incident," Schmutzler added.

Vacaville California Police Autistic Disabled Brutality Incident
Vacaville, California police officers are pictured in riot gear with automatic weapons during protests over police-involved deaths in Berkeley, California on December 8, 2014. Justin Sullivan/Getty