Video Shows Sacramento Police Witness Emotional Reunion as Stolen Dog Is Returned to Owner

Sacramento Police shared a video of the moment a woman was reunited with her missing dog on Wednesday.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, Rubi Rose was reported stolen from her owner Amanda Duhaime's front yard in Sacramento, California, over past the weekend.

SPD Detective Marcel Loriaux took the case and began investigating immediately. He located the suspect's car and found the dog inside on Wednesday. The suspect is in custody for theft-related charges, according to a Facebook post from the SPD.

The police department post Rubi Rose as a "sweet girl."

"Most importantly," the post read, "Rubi was reunited with her mom!"

During the emotional reunion, the owner was grateful to the officers, thanking them as she hugged her dog, whom she called her "princess."

"Rubi, you're my doggie. Oh my God!" Duhaime exclaimed. "I love you, baby girl."

In the video, the dog seemed happy to see Duhaime as well. Rubi Rose ran into Duhaime's arms with her tail wagging.

In an interview with a local FOX affiliate the Monday after the dog was taken, Duhaime, a disabled veteran, was heartbroken.

She said once she noticed her 4-month-old puppy was gone from her gated yard, she and her kids "grabbed treats and came out here and were running up and down the neighborhood trying to find her."

Then, she asked to look at her neighbors' security camera footage and was able to see what happened to her dog.

"Two girls got out and stole my dog from my yard, ran up on my neighbor's yard and stole her," Duhaime said.

The security camera footage showed two girls get out of a car and start calling after the dog. Then one of them is seen walking toward the gate and then walking back to the car holding Rubi.

While the video footage does not capture how the girls got the dog, Duhaim suspects that they either used a neighbors garbage can to jump over the fence or pulled Rubi Rose through the fence.

Duhaime only had the dog for two months and had not yet taken the dog to get her microchipped. In the interview with Fox 40, Duhaime said Rubi Rose was her emotional support animal.

She says after losing her husband three years ago, five family members in 2020 and, more recently, her best friend to a train accident, Duhaime says losing Rubi Rose was another wound her family doesn't need.

Newsweek reached out to the Sacramento Police Department but did not hear back in time for publication.

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A metal sculpture of the California State emblem is viewed on January 27, 2015, in Sacramento, California. Sacramento Police recorded the emotional reunion after a woman's missing puppy was returned Wednesday. George Rose/Getty Images