Video Shows Teens Mocking Anti-Maskers Protesting Their School: 'I Love Communism'

A video taken by an anti-mask protester demonstrating outside of California's Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) shows teenagers mocking him by chanting, "I love communism."

Last Thursday, more than a dozen anti-mask protesters demonstrated against the school's mask mandate during the student lunch hours. Protesters came with signs and bullhorns, according to KTTV. Huffington Beach police officers remained nearby to ensure demonstrators didn't step onto campus grounds.

The protester's video was uploaded to a YouTube account named Last Revolution Media. The account contains right-wing videos showing demonstrations against "cultural Marxism," anti-fascist activists and drag queens reading library books to children.

"We could be here all day long, people," the unseen protester in the video yells to the HBHS students over a megaphone. "We have a constitutional right to be here."

"You've been indoctrinated," the protester says while panning his camera across the students wearing masks. "Wow, look at all these zombies that have been indoctrinated into communism."

A teen girl asks him to define communism. The man responds, "Apparently you don't know what it is."

When students tell him that they like communism, the man responds, "Why don't you go to Cuba?"

When another teen girl informs the man that she is Cuban, he responds, "Wow. You're a Cuban? Then you're a stupid Cuban. You're a pendeja Cuban." Pendeja is a Spanish insult that translates to "female idiot."

Various students yell, "You're a stupid, white American douchebag," and, "F*cking racist," at the protester. Other students then extend their middle fingers towards his camera. After a while, a group of students starts chanting, "I love communism" at the protester.

"So you're a communist? Wow," he responds. "Then you're living in the wrong country."

"Wow, this indoctrination of our kids," the man then says, narrating his video. "They love communism. They hate freedom. Look at all these f*cking communists, wow. There you go, the indoctrination of our kids by the school system."

HBHS student Cameron Coyne told KTTV, "I felt like [the protest] was kind of ridiculous because we're just high schoolers.... We just like had a long day of school and we just don't really have, like, the energy to like deal with these people."

Parents interviewed by the network said that they felt it was wrong for the protesters to target students.

School mask mandates are typically decided by school board districts. Students and teachers can comment on proposed mandates at school board meetings, but they get no direct say in the final decisions to implement them.

While the protester called the students communists, actual communism refers to a social order in which all property is publicly owned and distributed by the government. In theory, each person in a communist society works and receives pay according to their abilities and needs.

Conservatives often label Democratic social programs as "communist" when the programs allegedly redistribute wealth or increase government control over citizen's lives.

Newsweek contacted HBHS for comment.

Huntington Beach anti-mask protester video communism
An anti-mask protester captured video of students from Huntington Beach High School, California mocking him by chanting, "I love communism!" In this photo, several teens in face masks pose for an outdoor group selfie. Kar-Tr/Getty