Video Shows Vicious Fight Outside Shake Shack Between Group of Teenage Girls

A confrontation between a group of girls inside a Detroit Shake Shack turned ugly and escalated into a full-blown brawl outside.

According to Fox 2, the group of between 10-12 teenage girls ran outside the burger restaurant in downtown Detroit, Michigan, on Monday and started fighting each other in the street.

While it is unknown what triggered the confrontation, witnesses did see the group move from the Shake Shack to a nearby parking lot.

None of the girls appeared to be carrying any weapons and only traded punches with one another in the footage seen by Newsweek.

One witness also claimed some of the girls were wearing the green Shake Shack logo, meaning they could be employed there.

Witness Jason Taylor told the outlet: "I was actually on my way to Shake Shack, my cousin is here from Las Vegas.

"I'm looking and I could see the green burger [logo] on their shirts and I said they're the Shake Shack girls. I told my cousin 'no Shake Shack today buddy.'"

The video, captured by Taylor and shared with Fox 2, showed a group of girls fighting in the street before they moved to the sidewalk and, ultimately, into the parking lot, all while punching.

One of the girls ended up on the street floor before another girl started beating up another girl in the parking lot, pinning her down onto the ground.

Another girl approached to attack the female on the ground before bystanders stepped in to break up the brawl.

Taylor continued to tell Fox 2: "A girl flew over the chain with a juice bottle and was hitting the girl in the head with it."

He added that the fight stopped after several minutes and did not intervene "because it's Detroit."

Taylor continued: "I didn't try to break up anything because it's Detroit, anything can happen."

In a statement sent to Fox 2, Shake Shack said it was "disturbed by what happened and is launching an investigation."

It added there could be disciplinary action and added that "safety for customers and staff is number one."

Newsweek has contacted Shake Shack and the Detroit Police Department for comment.

The fight outside the burger restaurant comes as police continue to hunt suspects involved in an attack at a Pennsylvania McDonald's.

In a statement issued on Wilkes-Barre City Police Department's Facebook page, law enforcement released surveillance photos of three men accused of assaulting the employee at the restaurant along East Northampton Street.

Police did not say when the alleged assault took place and have not released the current condition of the victim.

Shake Shack
The fight happened at a Detroit Shake Shack. Gary Hershorn/Getty Images