Video Shows Woman Berating Tim Hortons Employee Over Doughnut Order

Video footage of an irate Tim Hortons customer yelling at employees over a doughnut order mix-up has gone viral, with many viewers sympathizing with the fast food restaurant.

The clip was posted to Reddit on Sunday, April 4, with user @KissKissPrince prefacing that the interaction was filmed by her friend waiting in line behind the aggravated patron at the Canadian coffee spot. They allege that the verbal altercation began because the employee working on her order "did not speak fluent English" and prepared the doughnuts incorrectly.

"How hard is this to understand? One of every type of your doughnut!" the customer yelled. She also pointed frantically to the doughnuts in the display to explain which pastries she wanted in her order.

An employee behind the register is heard trying to calm her down, saying, "Yes ma'am. Yes, we got it."

When the cameraman requests that she not "show disrespect," she turns her aggression to him.

"You can drop dead for all I give a s**t," she said. "I had to explain myself six times—I'm gonna get mad."

Viewers online shared their disgust for her behavior. "Lady. They're donuts. It ain't that f*****g deep," one wrote. Several even drew comparisons between the customer and the spoiled children in the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie. "I want an Oompa Loompa now daddy!" a viewer joked.

Others who have worked in the food service industry commiserated and shared sympathy for the Tim Hortons employees. "I just want to point out from the other side of a bakers display case we don't know what you are pointing at," one viewer explained. "We are looking over the counter or through baked goods from the opposite angle."

"I work as a butcher and our counter has plexiglass up because of [Covid], and it's noisy ... because of the cooling fans and music constantly running," another Reddit user said. "The amount of people who point at which steak they want, mumble their request, or say, 'Give me one of those' is ridiculous."

This is not the first time in recent months chain restaurants have faced the wrath of angry customers. In January, a viral TikTok video captured the shocking moment a California McDonald's employee had their mask ripped off in an altercation with a patron upset that their breakfast burrito was forgotten. Just last week, a Tennessee Burger King was terrorized by a gun-toting drive-through customer furious at the wait time for her order.

Tim Hortons
Footage of an angry Tim Hortons customer has gone viral. Thierry Tronnel/Corbis/Getty Images