Video Shows Woman Threatening to 'Spread COVID' Over Dispute For Seat at Picnic Table

On a recent visit to Universal Studios Orlando, one family suffered through an annoying—and potentially dangerous—encounter with another tourist.

In a now-viral video that appears to originally have been posted on TikTok by account @jamierizzoleonard, an argument can be seen happening between two families at the popular theme park. In the video, it seems another woman tried to lay claim to a picnic table already occupied by the poster's group.

Two young men—at least one of whom appears to be the camerawoman's son—sit on either side of the table. Meanwhile, a woman sits on top of the table's surface.

"Call security," the woman yells, slamming her hand on the table, "before I take off my mask and spread it," referring to COVID-19.

"Get out of my table, now," she continues. "I asked you politely—when our food comes, I want you to leave. I asked you nicely."

The conflict continues."You are a little kid that has no manners," she tells the camerawoman's son.

"I told you nicely that I'm sitting here," he tells her.

"And I told you nicely, I'm having food here," she responds.

"I'm sorry about that. That's not my problem," he says.

"It's not my problem—unless you want to get COVID," she tells the boy, once again threatening to spread the virus to him.

The woman behind the camera intervenes at one point: "Stop talking to her," she tells the boy. "You weren't sitting here," she adds, speaking to the woman.

"You're out of breath right now," the boy says to the woman. "You're doing way too much. You're just messing with yourself."

The woman seems to tell the boy that he's getting her case of COVID-19 "worked up." "You're gonna get me really ill," she says.

The original TikTok video, which has over 90,000 views and has been re-posted on other platforms, is flooded with comments denouncing the woman's actions. Many also express concern regarding the woman's admission that she was inside the amusement park while actively sick with COVID-19.

"That's embarrassing for her," reads one comment.

"Threats to intentionally infect someone! Why is the restaurant not making her leave?" asks another.

In the comments section, the TikTok poster, Jamie Rizzo-Leonard, addresses some viewers' questions. When asked if the woman had been kicked out of Universal Studios, she alleges that staff "watched the video" and "took statements from all the other people around" but "she was not kicked out." In another comment, Rizzo-Leonard also claims that "security did nothing" and that the woman "got the whole table food."

It remains to be seen if and how Universal Studios will respond to the online backlash arising from the claims in the video.

Universal Studios Tourist
One visitor at Universal Studios Orlando documented her unpleasant encounter with another tourist in a viral TikTok. Getty Images/Gregg Newton