Video Shows Women Brawl in Bath & Body Works Over Social Distancing: 'Get Off Me!'

A video shared online on Saturday shows a brawl break out between female employees and staffers at Bed & Bath Works in the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in Arizona.

Twitter user @gendenslow, who claims to have witnessed the fight, posted a minute-long video of the incident to the social media platform on Saturday. "A whole fight just happened at bath & body works. I'm dying," she wrote.

The user later said that the fight started after a female staffer went off at a customer for standing too close to another customer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A whole fight just happened at bath & body works 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dying

— Genevieve (@gendenslow) March 6, 2021

"IT ALL STARTED BECAUSE... white lady was standing too close to another customer (not shown) & they started arguing. BBW employees tried to de-escalate but the white lady wouldn't leave so that's where the video picks up," @gendenslow tweeted. "White lady pushed many people before hand also.... she was loud & uncooperative the whole time before the fight started."

The customer accused of standing too close was also not wearing a mask, but it is unclear whether that was related to the brawl.

The clip went viral over the weekend, with more than 165,000 likes and over 51,000 retweets at time of publication.

The clip begins with a female customer screaming "get off me!" as a female staffer pushes her in the face. Another woman that appeared to be an employee then joins the tussle and helps her colleague tackle the customer to the floor.

"Let go of me!" the woman can be heard screaming again, as at least three other people—two female and a male staffer—rush over to intervene. The group can be seen tussling on the ground, screaming at each other and pulling hair, before a male staffer eventually grabs one of the women and pushes her toward the door.

"Get out now!" he screams.

The man then forcibly pushes the other two customers who were with the female customer toward the door. "Out now!" he repeated.

Viewers appeared to be divided over whether the customer or staffers were to blame for the incident.

"I know absolutely no context but i'm firmly on the bath and body works employee's side," tweeted @zoeee_mama.

"They deserve to be terminated, this is awful and not something employees should do," tweeted @JimmyFantage. "The employees did attack her first."

A second 3-minute-long clip of the incident was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, which showed the events leading up to the brawl.

A brawl breaks out at Bed &Bath
A brawl broke out between female employees and staffers at Bed & Bath Works in the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in Arizona on Saturday. Screenshot