Video of Snow Leopards Spooning and Snuggling Up Dubbed 'Cutest Thing Ever'

Heartwarming video footage has been posted online showing two snow leopards enjoying an adorable nighttime snuggle in bed together.

The uplifting clip comes courtesy of The Big Cat Sanctuary where Yarko and Laila, the two snow leopards that feature in the video, live.

"Yarko and Laila are such a beautiful pair," a description accompanying the video explains. "They will always go to bed together at the end of the day for cuddles! You can see how much Yarko loves to be the little spoon!"

The footage has been posted to The Big Cat Sanctuary Facebook and Instagram accounts, where it has racked up more than 200,000 views from animal lovers the world over—and it's not difficult to see why.

In the clip, Yarko and Laila can be seen enjoying a bit of spooning before Yarko turns to face Laila, cuddling his face into his partner's warm body.

Later they can be seen cleaning each other, with Laila resting an affectionate arm over Yarko's back.

The video ends with them cuddling together, touching paws and brushing against each other's faces while a beautiful piano soundtrack plays underneath.

About as life-affirming as it gets, the clip struck a chord with many online as both an undeniably cute animal video and also an example of true love in its purest form.

Izzysart1 dubbed it "the cutest thing ever" on Instagram, with lynniethepooh66 describing the footage as "couple goals" for many watching along.

Lisa.antell was in awe of the "big kitty cuddles" on display while miller_jayne said it was "just gorgeous" to watch.

"Such contented cats," wrote victoriakate235 with emljackson22 in agreement, commenting "this is too cute."

According to the Big Cat Sanctuary website, there are less than 2,500 mature breeding snow leopards left in the world, meaning the species is listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species.

Laila was the first to arrive at the sanctuary. Born at Antwerp Zoo in April 2010, she sadly lost her mother when she was just two months old and ended up being partly hand-reared by the zookeepers there.

A noticeably independent snow leopard as a result of this experience, she arrived at The Big Cat Sanctuary in September 2011. Just under two years later, in June 2013, she was joined by Yarko.

The pair proved to be a great match and on April 26, 2019, they became proud parents to a pair of male cubs, Koshi and Khumbu.

They now all live together in The Big Cat Sanctuary, a 32-acre area of grassland in Smarden, Kent in the U.K., which was established to assist in the conservation of the world's endangered wild cats.

Newsweek has reached out to The Big Cat Sanctuary for comment.

Footage of Laila and Yarko, two snow leopards living at The Big Cat Sanctuary - a video of the two big cats enjoying a cuddle has been lifting spirits online The Big Cat Sanctuary