If last week's release of "Miracle," about the 1980 Miracle on Ice, has made you hungry for hockey flicks, check out these old and new classics: 'Slap Shot' Paul Newman heads a scrappy team of minor-league goons. Funny, well written--and the final scene tops "The Full Monty."

'Mystery, Alaska' A hick pond-hockey team takes on the New York Rangers. Good puck action and a great cast, but the writing takes it in the eye.

'Love Story' Upper-crust Harvard jock meets blue-collar Radcliffe girl. Sweet, but the verbal repartee feels very dated.

'The Mighty Ducks' At least this "Bad News Bears" wanna-be is better than its name.

'Rollerball' A sci-fi thriller with cool, retro-futurist sets. James Caan plays the star of a violent, hockey-inspired game in the year 2018.