Video: Surveillance Shows Suspect; Taliban Vid Shows Mehsud Alive

A potential suspect in the May 1 attempted Times Square car bombing is tall, thin, white, and in his 40s, police say, after analyzing tape captured from NYPD surveillance cameras. The man removes a dark shirt about half a block from the Nissan, which was left running, and stuffs the shirt into his bag while glancing over his shoulder multiple times.

In response, two videos from the Taliban's sect in Pakistan were posted online: the first claimed responsibility for the attempted attack, and the second featured the country's Taliban leader, long thought to have been killed by a U.S. drone strike. Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud appears healthy in the video footage, which looks to have been filmed in early April. Per The Washington Post's Foreign Service, "That development was hailed as a huge blow to a militant organization that has carried out a steady campaign of attacks inside Pakistan over two years, and whose previous leader was killed by a U.S. drone last summer." Both videos are certain to cause embarrassment in the Pakistani government, The New York Times reports, as it had made bold statements about having eradicated the Taliban presence around border areas.