Video: Urban Meyer Will Teach Character & Leadership Course at Ohio State After Retirement

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer revealed his post-retirement plans on Thursday.

During a one-on-one interview with NBC4's Jerod Smalley, Meyer announced that he plans on co-teaching a character and leadership course at The Max M. Fisher College of Business at Ohio State after coaching the Buckeyes one last time in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1.

"The lieutenant colonel Charles Buchanan came to see me," Meyer said, "He teaches a leadership and character class. And he actually got my phone number through one of our players, Jordan Fuller, and he's an awesome guy. He's obviously served our country for many years and I think there's a huge leadership void across America and this guy's on a mission to teach leadership and he asked me to co-teach a class with him. I met with Gene and I met with my family because am I going to commit that much time? Because I've never done anything half speed. And I thought about it, I prayed about it, I know the relationship we have with the Fisher School of Business, the Dean and everybody and I said yes. So I look forward to it."

The coach also said he plans on working with athletic director Gene Smith in some capacity after his final game.

"I hope not," Meyer said. "God has a plan. I'm not quite sure what it is. Gene and I are extremely close, and we discussed that. And I hope to stay involved."

Meyer announced his impending retirement during a press conference on Dec. 4, while Smith made it clear that the coach would still have a place in the program after his final game.

"I look forward to working with Urban in his new capacity," Ohio State senior vice president and athletic director Gene Smith said that day. "You'll soon get your new goals and objectives in your new capacity as together we seek to maximize the potential of our 30 head coaches and 68 assistant coaches and over 1,000 student-athletes that we're all blessed to serve."

Meyer, an Ohio native, joined Ohio State in 2011 and led the Buckeyes to national championship victory during the inaugural College Football Playoff season in 2014. However, the coach has been dealing with a cyst on his brain, which has caused him issues throughout his coaching career.

Meyer underwent a procedure to help avlleviate headaches prior to the 2014 season, but the pain returned in 2017 and increased this past season, which caused him to fall to one knee during the Buckeyes' victory over Indiana.

Meyer cited health concerns along with wanting to spent more time with his growing family as his main reasons for retiring.