Video: Utah Jazz Guard Rodney Hood Swipes Phone From Fan's Hand After Ejection Against Wizards

Rodney Hood doesn't want you to film him when he's just been ejected from an NBA game.

The sentiment seems fair enough, if not the way Hood went about it. The Utah Jazz guard was removed from the win over the Wizards at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday night after arguing with referee Tony Brothers. After two technical fouls, Brothers sent the 25-year-old to the locker room.

Then this happened. Trudging off from the game still going on behind him, Hood notices a fan filming him. He flicks the phone out of the man's hand—"nonchalantly," CBS said, and that seems about the right way to describe it. Hood doesn't even look up—he just swipes the device out of the guy's grasp.

Bleacher Report noted that Hood can probably expect a call from the league office for his, hm, insouciance. Beyond that, there's a legitimate debate to be had about fan behavior and players' reactions to it. Clearly it's not ideal or anyone's idea of role-model behavior for Hood to go around knocking expensive property out of the hands of people who have paid to watch him play basketball. But it's also kind of inappropriate, surely, to start filming an athlete when he's clearly going to be steaming angry.

You can watch how the incident unfolded via the video below. The Jazz won the game 107-104, for just their fourth road win in 21 tries this season. They got 21 points from Ricky Rubio and sealed the game on a steal by rookie Donovan Mitchell. Those plays ensured Hood wasn't missed as much as he might have been. The Duke product is having a career year, averaging 16.5 points per game on a Jazz squad that remains, just about, in playoff contention in the West at 17-24.