Viral Video Shows Man Stealing Wallet at Florida Gas Station, Running Over Victim During Getaway

A viral video, captured on CCTV at a Florida gas station, has shown the moment a thief and his accomplice rob their victim and then run over him with their car.

CBS12 reported that the footage was captured in Hollywood, Florida at 9:15 p.m. on June 4. It shows the pickpocket walking up behind his victim as he looks under the hood of his red SUV. As the victim's attention was focused on the car, the thief strikes, swiping his wallet from his back pocket.

The robber then sprints to another part of the Marathon gas station forecourt, where his friend is waiting in the passenger seat of their getaway car, a silver Toyota saloon. The victim, unwilling to take the theft passively, runs after him, reaches the car and wrenches open the door.

At this point the situation goes from bad to worse. The thief, now in the driving seat, reverses, catching the victim on the driver's door. The force of the backwards motion of the car slams the man to the ground and under the door. He hits the concrete hard and barely makes it through the gap between the ground and the bottom of the door as it scrapes over him.

The impact of the man's fall sends the items in his pockets sliding across the forecourt. The man is visibly hurt by the force of the car and someone nearby runs out to help him. As the victim rolls on to his side, the thieves can be seen making their escape. The footage does not show the man getting up.

Local 10 reported that prior to the theft at 3034 Johnson Street, the thief had befriended his victim, chatting to him as he changed his oil and lulling him into a false sense of security. "As the victim leaned over the hood of his car, the suspect snatched his wallet out of his back pocket and ran into the waiting car," police said in a press statement.

Omar Cheema, an employee at a local convenience store, said the speed of the robbery and hit and run had left the victim reeling. "All I heard was screaming, so I ran there and I saw the guy laying," Cheema said. "He was all shaken up because it happened really fast."

Police are now searching for the two men after they fled east on Johnson Street. Anyone with knowledge of either of the two men's identities can call Hollywood Police Department on 954-764-4357. Anonymous tips can be made to Broward Crime Stoppers on 305-471-8477.

Viral Video Shows Man Stealing Wallet at Florida Gas Station, Running Over Victim During Getaway | U.S.