Video of Woman Building Incredible Survival Shelter Viewed Over 12M Times

A video of a woman constructing a luxurious shelter from little more than mud and bamboo, using a razor sharp machete, has left many online questioning their adult life skills.

The three-minute clip has racked up more than 12 million views after being posted on TikTok by Luke Falzon. In the footage, an intrepid woman armed with a giant knife can be seen arriving in a clearing of an unspecified area of jungle.

The video then follows her as she begins developing the foundations of her temporary new home, using her handy blade to cut away any excess shrubbery before chopping and digging at the dry earth until a living space begins to form.

Steps, a seating area and a few spaces that will come in handy as fire pits and torches are established before she moves on to the framework of the structure itself, courtesy of a few readily available bamboo sticks.

Using a little basic string, she ties the shoots together, chopping up a few more bits of bamboo to create the shelter's rainproof roof.

It's an awe-inspiring, if slightly exhausting watch, with the video's central star going on to combine wet mud and straw to create the substance that will help insulate the shelter further against the elements.

After adding a little grass camouflage covering to the roof and a touch of green to the walls and interior, along with a splash of orange, the video sees our would-be survivalist head off to catch some fish.

She returns having caught one with what appears to be her bare hands, before cooking it inside her new home on that aforementioned fire pit.

A few more plants are added outside before our heroine tucks into her well-earned meal and settles in for the night.

As eye-catching a video as you are likely to see on TikTok, the clip actually started out as a YouTube video posted by Survival Shelter Ideas.

Though the TikTok clip chronicled construction over a neat three minute time period, the actual building of the shelter took 15 days.

According to its YouTube bio, the channel was set up to offer fans "interesting videos for survival purposes" that celebrate "living in harmony in the deep jungle."

For most fans on TikTok, however, this particular clip offered up further proof of their shortcomings as an adult.

Sarafqadu wrote: "I'm so ashamed right now, I can't even cook."

Claytonsaviary lamented "If I had to survive in the wild I'd be screwed."

A third, mfchaca, said "I prolly give up after digging 20 inches."

While sujathahaha added: "This video proves I have zero survival skills."

Others noticed a striking similarity between the video and a very popular video game.

Anthonyliemm said: "This girl doesn't have a device to play Minecraft so she decide to play it in real life."

Esorebma agreed: "Real life Minecraft."

The most pertinent question came from yung_valle who asked "Okay but no one is going to talk about how she just catches a fish w her hands?"

Most, however, were just stunned at the ingenuity of it all, with jordsmcshane declaring "This is absolutely extraordinary!!!!! I'm mindblown."

At the time of writing, the video has racked up more than two million likes and over 30,000 comments on TikTok while the 17 minute YouTube version of the clip has been viewed over 1.1 million times.

Newsweek has reached out to the team at Survival Shelter Ideas for comment.

machete being sharpened
Stock photo: Tribal man sharpening his arrow for hunting at his jungle home. Video footage of a woman constructing a survival shelter with little more than a machete has proven a hit online. Laszlo Mates/Getty