Video of Woman Claiming Boyfriend Ghosted Her by Faking Death Watched 4.3 Million Times

A viral TikTok video of a woman claiming that her ex-boyfriend ghosted her by faking his own death has been watched over 4.3 million times.

On Thursday, TikTok user @kathrynverb shared a video responding to a question posed by user @kekeyee: "What is the worst way you've ever been ghosted?" The prompt is one of the latest TikTok trends and has sparked a movement of people on the platform recounting their ghosting anecdotes.

In sharing her story, @kathrynverb claimed that a previous boyfriend "lied to me for two years about his real identity" and then "ghosted me" by "faking his own death."

"I was with a man for 2 years," she says in the clip. "I thought I was going to marry him, have his babies, and spend the rest of our lives together. But then covid hit and he unfortunately told me that thought he had it. Eeeek."

@kathrynverb continues: "He said he was thinking about going to the hospital because he felt so bad, but then miraculously he was starting to feel better. But it was that same day he told me he was feeling better that I never heard from him ever again. He suddenly stopped responding to all my calls, all my texts. A week later, his phone went right to voice-mail."

"I freaked out, I started calling the hospital thinking maybe something happened and he's at the hospital—he wasn't there," she added. "I called all the hospitals in the area and he wasn't there. I called the police and filed a missing persons report, and you know what they told me? They told me my boyfriend did not exist."

"So not only did my boyfriend ghost me by faking his own death. He had also lied to me for two years about his real identity," @kathrynverb concludes.

The video went viral over the past three days, hitting 3.5 million views on Saturday and 4.3 million views at time of publication. The clip has also garnered more than 708,000 likes and 13,600 comments.


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Many users expressed shock at @kathrynverb's story and criticized her former boyfriend.

"You should show his pictures and expose him!!" one user wrote.

"Ya'll are so sweet for trying to find him," @kathrynverb responded. "I actually finally do know his real identity, and I'm not ready to share that yet.Thank you."

"You probably dodged a serial killer. Phew that was close.. Thank God he did," another user wrote.

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