Videos Show Local Bear Who Regularly Make Visits to Hang Out On Man's Outdoor Couch

A Colorado man's outdoor couch has recently become a beloved hangout spot for a local black bear.

Several videos posted to TikTok by the couch's owner Chris Ward show the bear making frequent visits to relax and, perhaps, say hello to its new friends. But according to local media, Ward plans on removing the couch from his deck once the bear goes into hibernation.

In a conversation with Fox-affiliate station KDVR, Ward said that the bear first discovered the couch sometime in the spring. However, it quickly destroyed the piece of furniture.

He shared a video of the shredded couch with his TikTok followers back in May under the username @alohas420.

"This is what the bear did to my couch," Ward says at the beginning of the video. "Second night in a row he came — spent the night last night until about 5 in the morning, then got up and took my cushion."

He believes the bear wanted the cushion for its den.

"I thought he was for sure taking them to his den for the winter and I was thinking man just take them and don't come back," Ward told KDVR.

Since then, the bear has made the couch its go-to hangout spot. And thankfully, it hasn't caused much trouble.

"I joke he broke out of a circus cause he's so animated and not intimidating for as big as he is," Ward said of the bear according to UPI.

A video posted to Ward's TikTok page last week shows the bear sprawled out on the couch. At one point, it appears to make eye contact with Ward through the window but doesn't try to attack or break into the home.

Another video posted several days ago shows the bear playing with a stuffed animal.

Colorado Outdoors Magazine reported that there are an estimated 17,000 - 20,000 black bears residing in Colorado. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), these curious creatures are most active in mid-March to early November, when they are trying to put on extra fat before going into hibernation.

To avoid attracting bears to one's home, CPW encourages residents to keep all food sources inside.

But Ward told KDVR that he doesn't leave food or trash outside, and shared that he even brings his hummingbird feeder in each night. It appears that the only thing attracting the bear to Ward's deck is his couch, which, according to UPI, will be taken to the dump come winter.

At least the bear will always have the couch cushions by which to remember Ward.

black bear
A Colorado black bear has recently made one man's outdoor couch his new hangout spot. Kory Bumgardner/iStock