'The View' Host Joy Behar Accuses Meghan McCain of Having a 'Hissy Fit' as Pair Clash Over Democrat Amy Klobuchar

Things got a little hostile on The View Monday morning after Joy Behar shut down her fellow co-host Meghan McCain from contributing to the conversation of Amy Klobuchar's presidential campaign announcement over the weekend. The Democratic senator has been the subject of reports in recent days of creating a hostile environment for her staff.

"She has a reputation for being a pretty tough woman, for having not the best temperament, and he has a reputation for not having the best temperament and maybe he's met his match," Sunny Hostin said, kicking off the heated discussion.

"That's what the country needs, a slide to the bottom and keep bullying each other. That's what the country needs," Abby Huntsman jokingly added.

McCain then interjected into the conversation with a sharp "permission to speak now on Amy Klobuchar" remark. It looked like the 34-year-old had a couple of bullet points she planned to touch on, however, quickly cut herself off after the meeting the gaze of Behar.

"Two quick things, no. 1, I have friends who were at her—alright, nope, by all means, Joy keep going," McCain said.

"If you're going to have a hissy fit, we can't continue," Behar fired back.

Behar then moved onto another segment for discussion: Elizabeth Warren's "awkward moment" on the campaign trail.

The interaction between the two hosts seemed to divide viewers, some applauding Behar for "putting McCain in her place," while other accused 76-year-old of bullying.

"Joy Behar finally shut Meghan McCain down! Meghan is silent, pissed and boiling! Hooray For Joy! F**k Meghan," one Twitter user wrote. "Joy said something about her Hissy Fit! That screeching spoiled brat was finally put in her place! Once again, GO JOY!!"

"Just flicked on @TheView for the first time in 8yrs and saw Joy Behar be super rude to the other host @MeghanMcCain," another added. "I get that they don't agree on politics but it's sad to see one woman be so mean to another."

This isn't the first time the two hosts have disagreed with each other while on air. Behar and McCain clashed last month on the subject of the government shutdown and the amount of responsibility that should be assigned to Democrats.

"I'm well aware that every single day at this table, we want him impeached," McCain said. "People aren't getting paid. Both sides should be adults about this, including on this show, to get it right, and I'm sick of playing politics on this show every day with issues that affect everyone."

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