Viewers Dazzled by Woman's Indoor Skydiving Routine: 'Super Cool Sport'

A woman's stunning indoor skydiving routine went viral on TikTok, amassing more than one million views.

Maja Kuczynska shared the footage to her account @kuczynska.maja, which is home to numerous videos showing her participate in both indoor and outdoor skydiving. Viewers were blown away by the video and expressed their amazement in the comments section.

According to Indoor Skydiving Source, a vertical wind tunnel makes it possible for participants to "fly" in a column of wind.

"This simulates the conditions found in freefall without the need to jump from a great height," the piece from the organization stated. "Because the wind tunnel environment is very controlled compared to the traditional freefall of a skydive, a wider range of flyers can take part in the experience."

Indoor Skydiving
Viewers of a viral TikTok video were blown away by a woman's indoor skydiving routine at a competition. Several comments suggested indoor skydiving should be an Olympic sport. Manu Reyes/iStock

It also noted that skydiving outdoors is an experience that lasts 45 to 60 seconds, but indoor skydiving can last between two and five minutes.

While many people can enjoy indoor skydiving as a hobby, some have begun competing. Indoor Skydiving Source reported that there are indoor skydiving competitions that take place.

Kuczynska wrote in her caption that the video was taken at a competition.

She enters the space and begins her routine, which consists of choreography that includes flips, twists and turns. Kuczynska moves up and down the tube throughout her performance, and at one point she does the splits while spinning upside down.

Viewers were impressed by the routine.

"This should be in the Olympics," a TikTok user wrote.

Another seemed to agree with them and predicted that these competitions will be at the Olympic Games in 20 years.

"Sir Isaac Newton would like a word with you," a comment read.

"Well this is something I never thought existed," a commenter wrote. "Super cool sport."

One gave Kuczynska a score of 10 and complimented her dismount.

"So clean, precise moves, mesmerizing," commented another.

A viewer asked how one can get into the sport, to which Kuczynska replied, "You go there and you continue going there."

Newsweek reached out to Maja Kuczynska for further comment.

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