Viewers Outraged After Seeing Landlord's 'Solution' to Collapsing Ceiling

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its financial impacts, tensions between renters and their landlords have only increased over the past year—and tenants have taken to social media to share their negative experiences.

A recent clip, posted on TikTok by @Lollygaglab, also known as Milie, exemplifies an issue often central to tenants' arguments: that their landlords are cutting corners by providing sub-par repairs to serious issues in their units—or refusing to provide the repairs at all. The clip, featuring a landlord's alleged "solution" to a collapsing roof, has gone viral on the platform, racking up over 843,000 views and 60,000 likes since it was shared earlier this week.

The brief, 18-second clip begins with the sound of laughter, coming from off-camera. The video's on-screen text read: "Told our landlord the ceiling was collapsing and this was his solution."

The footage showed someone looking up at their bedroom ceiling, which it appears is being supported by a thin, bowed, beam of plywood in the center of the room. In other words, the long piece of wood had been precariously lodged in between the collapsing ceiling and the floor in order to prevent the structure from falling altogether.

"It looks so ridiculous," says a voice off-camera, while laughing hysterically. "It's literally holding up your roof."

The situation is a hilarious one, and the TikToker (who lives in the unit) clarified in the comments section that they aren't upset about the so-called "solution."

"You guys I love my landlord!!" wrote Milie. "I just don't know what the logic was here."

"It's a temporary solution," they added, in another comment.

Viewers, however, were not so easily swayed by the TikToker's declaration and instead voiced concern over their living situation.

"You do realize how illegal this is right?" asked @andyngoisfake. "Doesn't matter if you like the landlord or not."

Others advised to "not sleep in that room" until proper repairs have been made, and many more told the TikToker and their roommate to "withhold rent."

Some commenters, however, did trust that the wooden beam would soon be replaced by the landlord with a more permanent, and structurally sound, solution. "Maybe it's a temporary fix?" asked @sherwod14.

"Has no one seen a temporary solution before?" echoed @powpownder.

So far, the TikToker has yet to provide anxious viewers with an update on the situation.

Newsweek reached out to Milie for comment.

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