Viewers Split After Mom Says 'Whole Family' Attends Birthday Parties Regardless of Invites

A mom of five has sparked a lively debate on TikTok after revealing that she brings her whole family to other kids' birthday parties—even if only one of her children was invited.

The video has gone viral, generating over 734,000 views and 52,000 likes since it was shared late last month.

Jeena Wilder and her "modern all-American" family have cultivated a sizable online following (nearly 500,000 followers on TikTok and 260,000 on Instagram) by offering viewers a glimpse into their day-to-day lives. Specifically, Wilder speaks on issues relating to motherhood, trans-racial adoption, and assumptions often made about her family.

As Wilder told People about the experience of raising children of different races: "They notice their differences. We don't hide their differences."

"But just because you are different doesn't make you less of a family," she added. "We openly talk about stuff like that."

In her recent video, Wilder playfully explains her stance on children's birthday parties.

The clip begins with a smiling Wilder facing the camera, dancing, and picking up a prop party "invitation." She turns around and dances her way away from the camera—and she's soon followed by a train of her five children and husband, who appear from offscreen.

"You invite one child," says Wilder, via on-screen captions. "You get all of us."

"Don't worry," she adds. "We bring awesome gifts."

In the video's caption, Wilder explained further: "My husband works a lot and most days it's just me and the kids! I always RSVP or ask the parents first."

The surprisingly-contentious topic struck a chord with viewers, and thousands flocked to the comments section.

Many disagreed with Wilder's approach, arguing that it's inappropriate to bring more guests than were initially invited. "I would never do this, if someone only wants one of your kids at the party, you have to respect their decision," wrote @sassysio234.

"Each child deserves their own individual experiences without their siblings," said @teribazzi.

"[You] never know if the hosts are on a strict budget or capacity limit for their venue," added @kasoctober.

Others believed that bringing several uninvited siblings will "ruin [the] party for the birthday kid, their parents, and your kid that got invited."

Some, however, didn't see any issue. "I've never once had someone not show up with their family," said @how_and_why_parenting. "I kinda expect the whole household to show up."

"I get what [you're] saying," commented @paigey_bb. "Your kids are still young. I wouldn't want them going to a party alone to be supervised by adults I don't know."

Regardless of the conversation, Wilder made clear in the comments section that the issue is "not up for debate." "In our household, if you invite one you're inviting us all. We always ask the parents first and we don't just show up. But if you keep insisting on just the one child... red flag."

Newsweek has reached out to Wilder for additional comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Birthday Party
Children at a birthday party in South Carolina, 2016. Late last month, a mom went viral on TikTok for saying that if one of her five children is invited to a party, she brings the whole family. Mark Makela/Getty Images