'The View's Meghan McCain Tears Up During Anti-Semitism Debate on Ilhan Omar's 'Scary' Remarks

The View took an emotional turn on Thursday when co-host Meghan McCain burst into tears during a heated discussion over controversial comments made by Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar about Israel.

Omar, 37, has made a number of statements critical of Israel, even before she was elected to Congress in 2018. In February, journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted that Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California had threatened to take "action" against Omar and fellow first-term Representative Rashida Tlaib's for statements they had each made about Israel. Omar's since-deleted response to that tweet was that this threat was "all about the Benjamins," apparently implying that McCarthy was motivated by the money coming from Israel.

That tweet has been viewed by some as anti-Semitic, while others have argued that Omar was criticizing the state of Israel, not the Jewish people or religion. This debate has caused friction in the new Democratic House majority, ultimately resulting in a resolution condemning anti-Semitism.

On The View, co-host Joy Behar questioned whether a resolution was needed to denounce anti-Semitism, leading McCain to take the floor, cautioning her co-hosts to "bear with" her as she talked through her thoughts.

"Anti-Semitism shouldn't be a left or right issue," McCain, 34, said. "I don't think we should be politicizing on either side because, as we know, if it's a tiki torch person in Charlottesville saying 'Jews will not replace us' or we had Bari Weiss talking about these more dog whistle moments, that in my view, Ilhan Omar is doing."

McCain continued by claiming Omar hasn't been able to go "15 days without saying something anti-Semitic." She then argued that there's "pressure to support her" amid her "rising star" status within the Democratic Pary because of "identity politics and intersectionality." Before wrapping her initial rant, McCain posed the question: "If what Ilhan Omar were saying for the past few weeks were said by a white Republican male, how would you be reacting to it right now?"

Behar, 76, said she'd "object to it no matter who says it." However, co-host Sunny Hostin wanted to take a closer look at the comment Omar made that led to the resolution. When McCain tried to interrupt her, the 50-year-old said: "Let me just finish."

Hostin resumed and explained her thought, adding: "Omar has never suggested that Israel does not have the right to exist. It seems to me that Republicans are trying to use this as a wedge issue." To this, McCain said she's "really not" before later asking if everyone was "comfortable with me rebutting." She went on to explain how "personally" she takes the issue, despite not having Jewish ancestry. She cited former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman and his wife Hadassah Lieberman, who are Jewish, as her "family."

"I take the hate crimes rising in this country incredibly seriously and I think what's happening in Europe is really scary. And I'm sorry if I'm getting emotional," she said while tearing up. "Just because I don't technically have Jewish family that are blood-related to me doesn't mean that I don't take this seriously... I think we all collectively as Americans on both sides — and what Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me and a lot of people and I don't think you have to be Jewish to recognize that."

Anti-Semitism is surging in Europe. In February, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced that anti-Semitic acts saw a 74 percent increase in France.

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Meghan McCain is pictured at the Netflix 'Medal of Honor' screening and panel discussion at the US Navy Memorial Burke Theater on November 13, 2018, in Washington, DC. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Netflix