Video of Realistic Humanoid Robot Has the Internet Terrified: 'Oh My God'

A robotics company has released footage of an extremely detailed humanoid robot—and some Twitter users are freaked out.

The robot, called Ameca, was designed by British company Engineered Arts. Engineered Arts has released several robotics videos to its YouTube channel over the years.

However, none of the videos have achieved as much popularity as the Ameca footage, which was released on Wednesday and has already gained over 200,000.

The video was even more popular on Twitter, where one clip had been viewed more than 11.6 million times as of Friday morning. It had also gained tens of thousands of retweets and over 175,000 likes.

The video starts with the robot appearing to be asleep, with its eyes shut and head slightly tilted downwards. With a stretch of its shoulder, the robot soon snaps awake, blinking in the light as its eyes survey the room.

It then spends a few seconds looking at its hands before smiling at the camera.

Some viewers debated whether or not the robot was computer-generated. Engineered Arts said Ameca is not CGI, but its most advanced humanoid robot yet.

While some viewers were impressed with the engineering behind the robot, the clip was a little too realistic for others. Online streamer and content creator J.D. Witherspoon reacted to the video with doomsday in mind: "I give us 12 years tops," he tweeted.

Author and TV writer Michael Harriot tweeted: "Nope. This is how it starts."

YouTuber Joe Santagato wrote: "Bro I cannot wait to plead for my life in front of an angry robot."

Such viewers might be pleased to learn that Ameca cannot walk—yet. PDF files on Engineered Arts' website show that Ameca's full suite of movements is confined to its upper body currently, though the company plans on making it able to walk in future.

In addition, although it appears to be aware due to its detailed expressions and movements, Ameca is not kitted out with full artificial intelligence. Instead, the robot can be thought of as a platform for other companies to develop their own AI software.

Happily, Ameca is not designed for world domination. The company says Ameca is a platform for human-robot interaction and is currently marketed towards catching prospective customers' attention at events.

"Looking to capture the attention of delegates or press?", the company writes on its robot rental site. "After over 15 years of designing and making robots for rental, our expert team has honed our state-of-the-art characters to create a positive PR buzz that won't die down in a hurry."

Ameca robot
A screenshot from the Engineered Arts video that shows how the Ameca robot moves. The company say it is designed to wow crowds at events and be a platform for AI. Engineered Arts