Viral Photo of 'Alien' Lobster Insect Stuns Internet: 'That's Top Tier WTF'

A startling image of a caterpillar has gone viral on the Reddit forum "Nature is Metal," with the post's title likening it to an alien.

"Is it an alien?'s a Dutch lobster moth caterpillar," Reddit user u/_-Marley-_ titled their post, which has since received more than 38,000 votes since it was shared.

Moth Identification noted that the lobster moth, or Stauropus fagi, is typically found in woodlands, and the lifespan of an adult is six weeks.

"The reason behind its name is the somewhat odd appearance of the caterpillar that closely resembles a lobster," the piece by the outlet stated.

The bright orange lobster caterpillar in the photo appears to be perched on a chair, and commenters wasted no time discussing the astonishing image.

u/_-Marley-_ wrote to Newsweek that the caterpillar was found in Amersfoort in the Netherlands in July 2020.

"At the moment the picture was taken, no one knew what it was, it was just a very strange creature sitting on a chair on the lawn," they said.

After trying to learn what they found with an Internet search to no avail, the Redditor asked a Facebook group and got an answer in next to no time.

"I had no idea such a creature lived in the Netherlands, I had never seen one or heard about it, not even while my parents are both biologists and I studied animal science," they said.

"There are no words to describe how uncomfortable that thing makes me," a comment read.

"Yeah that's top tier WTF," a Reddit user declared.

u/_-Marley-_ replied that it may have been "one of the weirdest animals" they've come across.

"It is a lobster moth in its caterpillar form, and it was found in the Netherlands," they explained to another commenter. "And on top of that it is just the weirdest looking creature ever [in my opinion]."

Other Reddit users echoed u/_-Marley-_'s sentiment, though some jokingly asked if it tasted like the popular seafood dish.

"[OK], I love lobster too! However nothing about this creature invited me to eat it," u/_-Marley-_ wrote in response to a commenter. "Guess we will never know how it tastes. (Unless Reddit delivers)"

One Reddit user shared their thoughts on the name of the moth, which they claimed, "sounds like someone grabbed four random words out of a bag."

A few Redditors drew a comparison between the creepy crawler and Zoidberg, the fictional character from the animated series Futurama.

Although many voiced their discomfort with the caterpillar's appearance, one Reddit user went against popular opinion.

Lobster Moth
A Reddit user's photo of a lobster moth caterpillar has gone viral. Above, a stock image of a lobster moth caterpillar. PlazacCameraman/iStock

"Idk y but I think [it] is kinda cute," they wrote.

This was the second time u/_-Marley-_ shared the image on the Internet, but it went unnoticed the first time they posted it on Reddit.

"I think it is pretty cool that people are just as amazed as I was, and I had some interesting contact," they said. "I'm glad this little Dutch lobster moth caterpillar is more known, I think they deserve it."

This discovery is not the only one making its rounds on the Internet.

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