Viral Post About First Time Smoking Weed Sparks Hilarious Internet Conversation

The internet was in disbelief on Thursday after a thread about one person's first time smoking marijuana went viral on a popular subreddit.

Initially posted on Reddit's 'Today I F****d Up', a subreddit that boasts nearly 18 million members, an anonymous user's thread about their first time getting high racked up 16.6K votes and more than 2,800 comments. Titled "TIFU by smoking weed for the first time and trusting my friend on the dosage," the anonymous Redditor's thread included a lengthy explanation of how they were introduced to marijuana, and the rollercoaster ride they ended up after smoking it.

"I've never smoked weed. Ever. In fact, I haven't taken any mind altering drugs ever, including alcohol. So I let my good friend know that," they wrote.

Setting the scene for a wild rest of the evening, the thread's author said that their friend presented them with a "collection of spaceship looking bongs," and told them that "no one smokes straight up plant anymore and that oil is the way to go." The Redditor says they took three hits of concentrated cannabis wax, also knowns as "dabs," before they suspected their friend of tricking them into smoking too much.

"He congratulates me on not coughing... and starts laughing like a maniac," they wrote. "I ask him if I did something wrong and he assured me that I didn't and to strap in for the ride."

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that "marijuana is the most commonly used federally illegal drug in the United States," the push to legalize recreational use across the country has been in full-swing for almost an entire decade. Beginning with Washington and Colorado in 2012, the recreational use of cannabis has been fully legalized sporadically throughout the United States.

Cannabis wax
One Redditor said their friend told them that "nobody smokes straight up plant anymore" and that "oil is the way to go," before they smoked cannabis for the first time. iStock / Getty Images Plus/rgbspace

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 18 states have "enacted legislation to regulate cannabis for nonmedical use," and 36 states "allow for the medical use of cannabis products." Despite the recent push for legalization, an article published in The Journal of The American Medical Association in September revealed that the legalization of recreational use in states has had little to no effect on rates of cannabis use in those states.

While the anonymous Reddit user did not specify whether they were in a state where recreational cannabis use has been legalized, their story of their first time smoking weed drew the attention of thousands of other Redditors.

Explaining that they felt the effects almost immediately, and that "it looked like I was a cartoon or animation character," the thread's author said that when they extended their arms, it looked like they were stretching beyond their physical limits. Adding that they kept forgetting scenes of the movie they were watching, the Redditor offered up a vivid description of what listening to music while looking at a strip of LED lights felt like after they smoked cannabis for the first time.

"I laid on the bed and watched the lights change and listened to some good music," they wrote. "At first the lights were just flashing but as I watched it more and more, every flash turned into a bloom of fractals that felt like they were physically touching me and controlling my breathing and heartbeat."

After an additional explanation about their experience tasting Nutella that included the phrase, "it tasted like I consumed a piece of divinity," the Redditor's elaborate description of their first time smoking cannabis sparked a hilarious conversation in the thread's comment section.

"I smoked seed and sticks out of an aluminum can in the desert in 120 degree weather," u/krynategaming responded to the original poster. "You got a way better end of the deal."

Redditor u/Erytrophix said they got a laugh from the original poster's colorful language, and let them know that their friend gave them way too much for their first time.

"Your writing is golden... 'high enough to worship Nutella' is a phrase I will use in the future. I'm glad you made it through relatively unscathed!," they wrote. "For the future, you really only need a little puff of herb to feel the effects and enjoy them if you don't smoke often."

In one of the thread's top comments, u/adthebad added that the feelings OP described are exactly why they enjoy using cannabis.

"This kinda describes why I enjoy weed," they wrote. "It's not that I forget what happened 10 seconds ago, it's that I can forget what happened 10 seconds ago."