Viral Therapist Shows Men's 'Audacity' on Dating Apps, Including Requests to be Submissive

TikToker and therapist Katie Lacie has gained a cult following on the platform, all thanks to her juicy, funny, and sometimes horrifying tales from from the world of online and app-based dating.

Self-described as a "therapist using humor as a defense mechanism" and the "CEO of dating app clapbacks," Lacie sparked recent media attention after one of her videos, in which a man reportedly told her she "would be perfect if [she] lost weight," went viral.

According to Lacie's account, the man said to her: "You would be perfect if you lost like seven pounds. You're very pretty." He allegedly added he was "a personal trainer."

"Oh ok, phew!" she reportedly said, in a sarcastic response. "I was offended until I knew you had the credentials to body shame me." She followed up with another scathing retort: "You would be perfect if you were a different person," she reportedly told him.


He had the credentials to body shame me though. #onlinedating #tinder #bumble #dating

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While that post went viral with over 2 million views, Lacie's page is filled with more of her hilarious dispatches from the front lines of online dating, each interaction more shocking than the last.

In her clips, Lacie typically relays the conversations by typing them out as on-screen text in her videos; then, she uses the dictation feature to create a voiceover. Occasionally, in the more extreme cases, she'll provide a follow-up clip featuring a screenshot of the actual messages, as evidence for her more skeptical viewers.

In one video, for example, Lacie recounts a conversation in which one man asked her: "You seem like a cool girl but would you be willing to cover your tattoos if I introduced you to my friends and family??"

When she replied, "No," he reportedly said: "I can tell you're not a trashy girl but I wouldn't want you to appear that way to them." Her reply? "I'll cover my tattoos if you cover your audacity."

The sheer quantity of outrageous content on Lacie's page feels endless: according to other videos, she has reportedly been told by men on dating apps to "lose the black nail polish" because "it's not feminine," that it's "a red flag" she "[hasn't] found a man yet," and "girls who work in mental health are crazy."

Recently, Lacie has also begun accepting screenshots from viewers that feature their own dating-app-horror-stories, and featuring them in videos, too. In one conversation, sent in by @krystalwilmouth, a man told her he "only [deals] with cooperative & submissive women." He reportedly added: "My value is higher than yours. As I get older, I get more handsome & make more money while your eggs dry up and you age like spoiled milk."


Reply to @just_keep_up1 it’s quite sad but there are men like this out there! Sent by @krystalwilmoth

♬ original sound - Katie Lacie

Newsweek has not been able to independently verify the claims made in Lacie's videos, but regardless, viewers appear to connect with her content, as evidenced by the hundreds of supportive comments on each of her videos.

"I believe every one of them!" wrote one commenter. "I get crazy messages too!!!"

"This account keeps me in line when I begin to reconsider my dating app ban," wrote another.

Others simply expressed their support for Lacie in the face of the unpleasant messages she reportedly receives. "I LOVE how savage you get and how much you stand up for yourself!" wrote one viewer. Commented another: "Sometimes the trash takes itself out! Dodged a bullet!"

Meanwhile, Lacie wants to use her platform to create a supportive environment for women as they navigate dating in their own lives. "Dating in 2021 is not easy, especially with all of the online options we have these days. People don't take the time to get to know a person anymore. They get bored and keep swiping," she explained in a statement to Newsweek. "I mainly want women to know they're not alone and we don't have to tolerate this type of mistreatment from men. I'm hoping my videos, through sarcasm and comedic responses, will help empower women."

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