Viral TikTok Explains How $2 Million Is 'Relatively' Poor for the U.S.

A viral video of a man explaining how $2 million in the United States is actually "relatively" not a lot of money has over 4 million views.

In the video, self-proclaimed "rumpled populist and Ohio Valley local news badass" John Russell attempts to illustrate how the middle class in the United States barely exists and how taxing the rich doesn't necessarily mean taxing the people we consider "rich." Instead, he says, we need to tax the billionaires.

John Russell posted the TikTok six days ago and is receiving a lot of critiques as well as support from others who think taxing the rich does not necessarily mean taxing the 1 percent of Americans.

"If you have $2 million you're kind of poor, relatively speaking," Russell says at the beginning of the video. Using a standard sheet of graph paper, Russell makes a chart to illustrate his point.

On the graph paper, Russell draws a line to represent a person with zero dollars and a line at the top of the page to represent Jeff Bezos' $190 billion with each square on the paper representing $5 billion.

"Here's you," Russell states as he draws a line at the zero-dollar mark. "Statistically speaking, give or take a couple hundred thousand dollars of net worth."

"Here is where the '1 percent' starts, just above you with a minimum of $4.5 million net worth." Russell then adds Kanye West's $6.5 billion net worth to the chart. "Most famous people are less rich than Kanye," he says. "For example, Trump, Oprah, Jay Z, Floyd Mayweather, LeBron James, Kylie Jenner, Mark Cuban, that guy from The Wolf of Wall Street... and every politician you've ever heard of except for Michael Bloomberg."

Russell draws a line representing Bloomberg's $55 billion net worth. The line representing Bloomberg lies closer to the "broke" line than it does to Bezos' $190 billion line. "Michael Bloomberg, who at $55 billion is much closer to having no money at all than he is to having Jeff Bezos money," Russell says.

He then adds other key players to the chart including Elon Musk with $180 billion and Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg both with an estimated net worth of $132 billion.

Empty Piggy Bank
A viral TikTok attempts to illustrate how $2 million is not actually a lot of money in the United States Lemon_tm/Getty Images

"NInety-nine percent of Americans are between here and here," Russell states as he points to the space between the initial line he drew at zero dollars and the '1 percent' line. "Seventeen million Americans are below zero with a negative net worth."

Commenters on the internet are not only agreeing with Russell's TikTok, they are getting angry about the huge wealth gap in the country as well as the idea that voting in politicians will ease the problem.

One user on Twitter wrote that "the strength of the video is how helpful it is as a teaching tool. Put differently, this video is a strong piece of public political education that engages multiple learning styles to make a clear claim about class disparity."

"Taxing the rich works but the main issue is all these rich mfs and huge corps are already in politican [sic] pockets so they can get tax breaks and other incentives," writes another user on Twitter. "They continue to protect the billionaires cause of influence for future campaigns as well. Just broken all around tbh."

Another user took to Twitter to debate the use of the word relatively being used to describe people who do not fit into the top '1 percent': "If we're using 'relatively' then most Americans would be 'relatively' wealthy as it relates to the rest of the world and about 1mill per year earnings puts you in the top 1 percent globally. You're rich. Unless you just ignore the rest of the world in your 'wealth' perspective."

The TikTok currently has over 722,800 likes, 12,000 comments, and over 50,000 shares.