Rescue Cats Who 'Now Run the Vet Hospital' Play About in Hilarious Clip

A video of a cat that can't seem to stop touching everything in sight at a veterinary hospital has gone viral on Reddit, where it had received 48,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

The compilation video attributed to TikToker @crystalbessmer, which was shared by Reddit user Dual_Fuel in a post titled "Vet patient therapy cat," features Bea, one of the "rescue cats that now run the vet hospital," according to the TikTok account The Hospital Cats.

The TikTok account shares several posts highlighting the various antics they get up to, as seen in this viral video, which had over 192,000 views, showing why the hospital's female resident cats "won't be having a hot girl summer."

The latest Reddit compilation video shows Bea attempting to pet several animals, from chickens and other animals in cages to other cats. Bea is also seen touching various objects, from a computer screen and other devices to a half of a sandwich on a plate.

Cats are not typically known to be affectionate, so what might be the reason for Bea's tactile tendencies?

It could be down to Bea's inquisitive personality, according to a study published in August 2017 in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One.

The study, by researchers in South Australia and New Zealand, identified five distinct personality types in domestic cats, described as the "Feline Five."

Among the five personality types is "Extraversion," which includes traits such as being inquisitive and curious, as well as active, vigilant, inventive and smart, explains the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The study explained that since "personality has played an important role in the health and well-being outcomes of captive animals, personality is likely to have similar implications for pet cats."

The latest Reddit post has had users in stitches, with a flurry of comments about what may be going through Bea's mind.

User Surfista57 said: "Doesn't matter what it is, I must touch it," in a comment that got 2,400 upvotes.

Gorilla1969 noted Bea may be thinking: "Hey boss, I'm done touching everything for today. Is there anything else to be touched, or can I take off early? I've got a backlog of fragile objects needing to be pushed off of tables at home," in a comment that got 489 upvotes.

RedTurtlez said: "What a good worker. 10/10 would give a promotion and treats," in a comment that got 1,300 upvotes.

User cgrange1234 chimed in, stating: "Ugh Bea forgot to do her workplace harassment training again didn't she [eye rolling face emoji]" in a comment that got 1,000 upvotes.

Some users expressed concern over the health and safety of the other animals at the hospital, noting Bea's behavior could potentially be a "high stress factor" for them.

User ratajewie said: "This is adorable and all, and I've worked in hospitals with resident cats, but in a hospital that sees prey animals like sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits, it's not a great idea to have a cat roaming around walking up to them. It can be incredibly stressful for them and the last place you want a stressed prey animal is in the hospital when it's getting care.

Straight-Traffic-929 agreed, explaining: "If my senior kitty was under care after or before a surgery, I wouldn't want a dog or puppy getting up all in their face and possibly stressing them out."

User leftbrendon said said: "I honestly can't believe how far i had to scroll for such a comment. I checked out their tiktok, and [there are] videos of the cat reaching into the cages of chickens and rodents. [In] another video they say they have to check the exam room before they come in with patients to check if [there's] a loose cat there...It all sounds so unprofessional and a high stress factor for the patients."

Kittens held by a veterinarian.
A trio of kittens held by a veterinarian at a clinic. A video of a cat that can't seem to stop touching everything in sight at a veterinary hospital has gone viral on Reddit. iStock/Getty Images Plus