Viral TikTok Star Says He Got Lifetime Ban From Disney for Breaking Rules

Jason Jeter is known on TikTok for offering viewers controversial access to lesser-known aspects of Disney theme parks. But as of this week, the content creator, known on the app as @showmelovejete, says he's been permanently banned from visiting the Disney owned-sites where he films his popular videos.

Jeter, who says he is a former Disney employee, gained notoriety on TikTok for videos that often feature him breaking the theme parks' strict rules. For example, one video from mid-March showed Jeter drinking from decorative fountains at Disney Springs, while in another, he films inside a closed onsite wedding venue. In one TikTok, he even details his experience with the so-called "Disney Secret Service" after he and a coworker caught a guest sneaking beer into the park.


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Soon after these videos gained widespread online attention, Jeter revealed on his TikTok that he was fired from his job at Disney. According to him, the company did "not appreciate what [he's] been posting" and let him go as a result.

Now, Jeter has shared a new update to his Disney saga: in addition to being fired from his job, he is now permanently banned from visiting the company's property.

In his TikTok, he attempts to explain what happened. "So, I'm going to Grand Floridian to get food," he says. "As soon as I get there I'm sitting in the parking lot. For five minutes. Disney security is circling my car." The Grand Floridian, for reference, is a Disney Resort near Orlando.

Jeter continues, "I'm like, 'This is sus, but what's the worst that's gonna happen?' The worst happened."

"As soon as I get out of the car, Orange County Police Department pulls up."

"Hi, Jason Jeter," he recounts them saying, "We have a trespass warning for you from Disney. You're no longer allowed on the property."

Then, Jeter says that a large group consisting of four Disney cast members, two men in suits, a security guard, and a "Disney investigator" approached him to discuss the implications of the warning.

They reportedly told him he faces a "lifetime ban."

"I can never go back to Disney," says the visibly upset Jeter. "Ever."

He also alleges that members of Disney security followed him home to ensure that he left the premises.

The video has already been viewed over 5 million times, but commenters are split over whether or not permanently banning Jeter was a fair response on Disney's part.

Many expressed vehement support for Jeter, even going so far as to cancel their upcoming trips to Disney parks. "We just canceled our annual passes. Not renewing. This is ridiculous," wrote one enraged commenter.

Others, however, felt that the ban was a reasonable reaction to Jeter's violations of park rules. "You did it to yourself," reads one comment. Another asked, "How in the world did you not see this coming? Rule after rule broken and you thought there wouldn't be consequences?"

According to Insider, Disney has not yet released a statement regarding Jeter's alleged lifetime ban.

Jason Jeter Disney Ban
Jason Jeter said he received a "trespass warning" and "lifetime ban" after making controversial TikToks at a Disney theme park. @showmelovejete/TikTok