Viral TikTok Video Shows What It's Like to Live at the South Pole

A TikTok post uploaded Sunday has gone viral, offering viewers a glimpse into what life is like at the South Pole.

In the video, TikTok user @antwuhnet tells viewers, "A couple of people have been asking what it's like to actually live at the South Pole, so I will be showing you my dorm room."

She starts by showing viewers an empty dorm room that is only equipped with the furniture provided by the research base where she lives. The tiny room features a single bed, a chair, some sort of dresser or closet, and a window.

"It does come with a great view," @antwuhnet adds, filming out the window. "The sun has set so it looks like this all the time now. In about a week, it'll go pitch black."

She moves on to show viewers her room down the hall, which has been completely transformed with posters, multicolored string lights, and tapestries. She says that people can find tapestries "hidden around" around the base.

As @Antwuhnet continues walking down the hallway, viewers see another window. "Unfortunately," she explains, "when the sun goes down we have to block out all the windows because of the science that goes on. We don't want to interfere."

To end the video, @antwuhnet walks outside, so viewers can see the vast expanses of snow and ice that surround the base. She says it's -70 degrees, with a -110 degree wind chill. Flipping her camera so viewers can see her face, she exhales—and it's so cold that her breath looks like a cloud of smoke.

While this video is not @antwuhnet's first South Pole-related post, it's her most popular by far: the video has been viewed over 6.7 million times in less than 24 hours.


let me know what other parts of the base you’d like to see! (legally cannot show you where we keep the aliens) #antarctica #southpole

♬ original sound - toni on ice

Her other content shows different aspects of day-to-day life at the South Pole. One video highlights their greenhouse, where they grow fruit and vegetables like snap peas and arugula. Another showcases the South Pole's dramatic landscape, and she explains that once the sun sets, it won't rise for six months. One video even captures "the last plane" taking off and leaving the South Pole until November. Another shows the "sunset dinner" where the crew eats a meal next to a large window looking out at the sun to bid it farewell.


the last plane to the south pole left a few weeks ago and now i’m here with nowhere to go for the next eight months #antarctica #southpole

♬ Leaving on a Jet Plane - John Denver

Her videos are flooded with comments and questions about her unusual life. Some questions are serious: "What kind of education do you need to get there?" wrote one user. Other questions are silly—"Is the Coca-Cola bear there yes or no," commented another.

Hopefully, @antwuhnet's 250,000 followers will get some answers to their questions soon.

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One TikTok user is offering viewers a glimpse into what life is like at the South Pole. Michel Setboun/Getty Images