Cat and Dog Strike up Unlikely Friendship: "Just One Paw at a Time"

Who said cats and dogs can't be best friends? A viral video illustrates the unlikely friendship formed between these stereotypical archenemies.

The video posted by @koepkaandseve, a TikTok account dedicated to the user's rescue dogs, shows the stages of a friendship between a cat and a "patient" pup called Seve.

Purina, a pet-food brand, has revealed that body language has a huge part in the rivalry between a cat and a dog.

dog and cat
A stock image of a dog and cat cuddling. A video has gone viral of an unlikely friendship between a dog and cat. WhitneySharp/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The website says: "With a dog, a high tail and head mean that they're challenging the other individual, while in cats this is often a signal that they want to be friends.

"A wagging tail also means the opposite thing in the two species, as the swishing back and forth of a tail can indicate a happy and excitable dog, but a very angry cat.

"Because their body language is so different, they often misinterpret each other which results in plenty of scratched noses and frightened and confused cats and dogs," the website says.

"However, this doesn't mean that they're incompatible by nature. They just need careful introductions in an environment where they can get used to each other's differences."

When introducing a cat and dog for the first time, it is important to consider an escape route for the cat such as a box or an igloo high up. Purina also recommends taking your dog on a long walk ahead of the meeting so they are not too excitable, which can freak out the cat.

The poster's video is captioned "it just one paw at a time" as the grey cat scratches the dog on more than one occasion before gently placing his paw on Seve's nose.

The scene has been watched by almost 2 million people and liked more than 80,000 times. You can watch the video here.

The video turns out to be "heartwarming" in the end, and many TikTokers have been praising Seve for being "patient."

Their friendship has been branded "beautiful," and Seve has been complimented on the way he looks at the cat with "unconditional love."

One user Janis wrote: "You officially have the world's most patient dog," while another commented: "The cat finally gave up."

It seems the original poster isn't the only one with a dog-and-cat duo as another user wrote: "My pup looks devastated every time he gets smacked in the face. But we are also getting there."

Newsweek reached out to @koepkaandseve for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.