Viral Video of Bride Being Escorted Through Anti-Vaccination Protest Sparks Debate

A viral video that showed a bride being escorted by police through an anti-vaccination protest has sparked an online debate.

The video was uploaded to TikTok on Sunday by Sandra (@sandrachoybao), who wrote: "Nothing couldve [sic] ruined this day, not even an anti mandate protest right in front of the wedding venue." Already, the post has racked up more than 620,000 views and over 60,000 likes.

According to the post's hashtags, the video was filmed in Sydney, Australia.

"When you can't get dropped off to your wedding ceremony in your limo because of the protests right outside of your venue," the video's text overlay read. "We had to walk.

"The cops were so nice and escorted the bride through," the overlay continued.

As the bride and her bridesmaids make their way to the venue, someone can be heard shouting, "there's a bride walking past!" Another person can be heard saying, "congratulations."

The Guardian reported that thousands gathered throughout Australia over the weekend to protest various coronavirus mandates, including Victoria's Public Health and Wellbeing Bill 2021.

"The bill as introduced by the Victorian government would allow the premier to make an indefinite declaration of a pandemic and state of emergency, give the health minister power to make broad public health orders, and grant authorized officers the power to detain people under quarantine," said The Guardian.

According to The New York Times, those gathered in Sydney and other cities such as Adelaide and Brisbane were also protesting vaccine mandates.

"Although Australia has no broad vaccine mandate, individual states have introduced mandatory vaccination for some workers, including those in construction, education and health care," said the Times.

Among those gathered in Sydney was Australian politician Craig Kelly, the Times added. In an address to protesters, he said: "When we have governments that adopt vaccine passports, we're no longer free. We don't live in a free society—we live in a prison camp."

With tensions already so high throughout the country, Sandra's video was met with mixed reactions. Some called the protesters "selfish," and expressed their apologies to Sandra, the bride and the rest of the bridal party.

"I'm so sorry for these selfish people impacting your day—you look absolutely stunning and I hope the day was still amazing," commented Emily Hermann316.

"Protesters that say they're doing it for the greater good, but it affects others like you in the process," said Therese.

Maddison Leckey added: "God protesters are so selfish. You think you're thinking of other people but you're doing the complete opposite."

Others, however, expressed their support for the protesters.

In response to one TikTok user who said they couldn't "imagine rescheduling and then having to be confronted with this outside your venue," a user named "T" said: "Now imagine how these people feel about having no choice for themselves?"

"Everyone in the comments acting like the rally should have been canceled because one person couldn't be dropped out the front of their wedding," said another commenter.

To that, Kat responded: "No one is saying it should've been canceled but they're literally preventing someone from living freely while fighting for the right to live freely."

Sophie Grace added: "unfortunately protesting needs to happen and what's happening in Aus is more important than a wedding."

protest in Sydney
A video shows a bride being escorted through an anti-mandate protest. People attend a protest against COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates in Sydney on November 20. DAVID GRAY / Contributor/Getty