Viral Video of Dog in Plane's Cargo Splits Opinion: 'Lonely and Scared'

An airline ramp agent has given flyers a peek into how pets travel when placed in the baggage hold.

TikTok user @djsugue regularly takes to TikTok to show users how he loads cases on the plane and the behind-the-scenes of his job. And, when a user asked where they put the dog cages, he obliged.

"Can you show us where you put dog cages...please I am planning to bring my dog with me but I am very scared," asked the individual.

With a background noise of a yapping dog, DJ filmed from the inside of the plane's belly and showed a dog in its cage strapped down in the plane's compartment.

The dog is placed securely in the luggage belly but is somewhat separated from the cases. "All strapped down," assured DJ in the video.


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A following video showed two small dogs sharing the same carrier, as DJ recommended owners pad them out with blankets. "If you ever fly with your dog again, make sure you put blankets around their cages so they can stay warm," he wrote.

Another video showed a small dog appearing to try to leave its carrier, biting at the wire. "Little dude was trying to get out of his cage this morning," DJ captioned the video.

Following videos showed various sized and breeds of dogs in cages after being loaded into the plane's baggage hold, some with water bottles attached to the cage and some without.

Some airlines allow owners to travel with their pets on board, as long as they are capable of fitting in an airline-compliant pet carrier under the seat. Airlines will often require the pet to be able to stand and turn in the carrier in order to travel.


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The Humane Society of the United States recommends owners consider all other options before deciding to travel with a pet, including using a pet-sitter or driving.

In cases when this is not possible however, they have a list of advice for owners including choosing direct flights and choosing flights that accommodate to temperatures like taking an evening flight during summer and a day one during winter.

Airlines are required to report any deaths or injuries of animals during transportation to the Air Travel Consumer Report. Pets with "pushed in" faces like bulldogs, pugs and Persian cats reportedly are more at risk when travelling on planes as their short nasal passages make them vulnerable to oxygen deprivation and heat stroke.

The video shared online has split opinions, with some owners left concerned for the stress levels of dogs while flying, while others argued that the dogs are safe and for many it's the best option.

"You say you wouldn't let your dog fly like this, but most of us don't have a choice," commented one TikTok user.

"As a ramp agent myself we love your pets and always make sure they're okay and safe," claimed one alleged worker.

"Not a single dog looks overly stressed," commented another on a video of the various dogs.

Others however saw it differently, and felt the dogs appeared to pant, which can sometimes be a sign of stress: "Why do people think the dogs are smiling, they're literally panting."

"The place isn't the worst, it's the noise that makes it horrible for the animal," commented another.

"I'd put one of my siblings there before I put my dog," wrote one user, while another added: "I'd be crying and throwing up the entire plane ride knowing how lonely and scared he is."

Dog and case at airport
Stock image of a dog and suitcase being carried. Getty Images