Viral Video Explaining Mysterious Math 'Monster' Called 'Voice of God' Baffles Viewers

A viral video that has put the spotlight on mathematics' role in society is drawing plenty of attention, even though many viewers are unclear of its actual message.

The TikTok video posted by user Yamsox in December is a two-minute explanation of mathematics beyond what is normally taught in schools, with mentions alluding to geometry, quantum physics, a mysterious math-related monster, and the "voice of God" itself.

The video, viewed over 2 million times, begins with a statement of how many math teachers attempt to "jam pack equations into relatable word problems." Students tend to always ask, "When am I gonna need this?" in regard to convoluted mathematics.

That's when Yamsox puts on a pair of sunglasses and lets his hair back—literally—while beginning to rap about the "abstract parts that will never be used" and how they are "precisely the parts that they don't teach you."

He goes on to say that the "beautiful parts" about math are the same parts not taught in school because they don't benefit economics. Mentioned are Schrodinger's Equation, which is tied to quantum mechanics, in addition to a 4-D cube called a tesseract that reportedly appeared in The Avengers.

And instead of just stopping at a "finite number," he mentions climbing to the eighth dimension in the form of an E8 lattice which has been linked in mathematical circles to the "voice of God."

It is a reference to University of Cambridge mathematicians Simon Norton and John Conway and the "monster group."

Going by the codename "Moonshine," the group is said by Conway to serve some kind of purpose and is not a complete coincidence, due to all of its properties.

Conway, who died in April 2020, once said, "The one thing I'd really like to know before I die is why the monster group exists."

Norton, on the other hand, summed it up in one sentence: "It is the voice of God."

Teaching math in the classroom
A TikToker's video about spotlighting mathematics' role in society has gone viral with more than 2 million views. Teaching math in the classroom. Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The TikTok video, "liked" over 507,000 times, mentions the abstract parts of mathematics and the parts taught in school three separate times, almost like a chorus.

Some users said the video made them curious about the "monster" and wanted to look into it more closely. Others said they had no idea what the entire video was about but that they enjoyed the music and the "vibe."

"Cool, so they don't teach us the cool stuff, and they refuse to explain how to apply the 'practical' stuff," one user said, referencing the teachings in schools.

Others unaware of the eighth dimension and the "voice of God" became even more confused after watching the video.

"So we mathematically proved that there's something out there that is incomprehensible to us but it can comprehend us?" someone asked.

And, of course, skeptics still remain.

"But like...when am I gonna use this?" one user sarcastically asked.