Viral Video of 'Happy' Dancing Kittens Sparks Concern Online

A video of some kittens leaping up and down behind glass doors has divided opinion on TikTok.

In the footage, shared to the app on August 29 by an account by the name of Naiiill, four British shorthair blue kittens can be seen jumping around on their hind legs.

Their movement is set to some upbeat music, and the clip is captioned: "How happy it is #pet #cute #cat #happy #foryoupage."

Because of the soundtrack it appears as though the animals are dancing along to the energetic music, however, they could also be trying to claw at the glass to escape.

As the camera pans across, two kittens can be seen jumping up and down just below where the key is hanging in the lock, their eyes focused on the opening of the door.

The smalls pets are clearly in either a pet store or some sort of holding area, with their food and sleeping boxes situated behind them.

The clip has gone viral on the app, having been viewed a whopping 3.4 million times and surpassed 245,600 likes.

While the poster of the video, which can be watched here, deems the pets to be "happy," this is a topic of much debate below in the comments section.

Some social media users only saw the cute-side to the footage, with Dunia Ghayoor gushing: "Awwww."

An account by the name of Csdcsd0909 asked: "So this is what heaven looks like?"

Dy9rtse62svi enthused: "Wow, cuties!," alongside a heart-eyed emoji.

However many people commented out of concern for the cats, with Shira14081 writing: "Poor kitten she's living like jail."

Another person, The 4er, added: "Some people not realising its a pet store."

Iustin Pvlov typed: "They probably locked up because the owner wants to breed them."

CommieHamster34 stated: "For all guys who say why they locked up: they need a new home because they don't have an owner."

Angles opined: "I think they jump because they want to take the key."

Nemo Nomen asked: "Why are the cats locked up there?!," alongside an angry-face emoji.

Roccobagala358 commented from the perspective of the kittens, writing: "Let me out!!"

Another video which has gone viral on TikTok shows two cats gagging at the sound of a comb being stroked.

As it turns out many felines have this type of reaction to certain sounds, and if you would like to learn why this is you can read more here.

Newsweek have contacted Naiiill for comment.

Two kittens
A stock image of two kittens. On TikTok a video has gone viral showing kittens appearing to dance, but many people thought it may not be such a heartwarming clip. Getty Images