Viral Video of School Bathroom's 'Secret Tunnel' Leaves Internet Curious

A viral video that allegedly shows a school bathroom's "secret tunnel" has piqued the internet's curiosity.

The video, found here, was posted to TikTok last week by Eduar Melendez (@sr.kingeduar) and has already racked up more than 27 million views.

"What I found in the school bathroom," read the text overlay of Melendez's video.

In the 10-second clip, Melendez walks into a bathroom stall and directs the camera towardasked the stall's back corner. There, near the toilet, is a small entryway.

Inside the space is a piece of notebook paper with the word "enter" written on it in marker. But just as Melendez bends down to peer around the corner, the video ends.

Commenters were quick to share their own theories about what they thought could possibly be lurking at the end of the "secret tunnel," as one TikTok user called it.

"There's a whole secret room with LEDs and [a gaming] setup back there," offered THE HOMIE.

"That's the way to the anime verse or narnia," said typical richey.

A TikToker under the name Lucifer suggested that the entryway could lead to a "VIP vape lounge," while others joked that the tunnel was probably the result of a "prison break" situation.

"Someone pulled [an] El Chapo," said J.K.

Naturally, many viewers wanted to know what was inside the tunnel, so they asked Melendez to crawl into the tunnel and share a "part 2." On Saturday, he posted a follow-up video that has been viewed 2.9 million times.

"Part 2 of what's inside," read the second video's text overlay.

The 17-second clip begins in the same way the first did, but as Melendez peers around the corner in this video, the video's narrator says "there is nothing." The video showed the empty tunnel before a video of a "laughing" dog abruptly appears on the screen, scaring viewers.

"You scared the soul out of my body," said one TikToker.

He posted two other videos of the tunnel, but to the disappointment of many, he never climbed inside. Instead, he just re-posted the same videos with different sounds.

As of Tuesday, viewers still don't know what, if anything, lies at the end of the tunnel.

Melendez isn't the first to captivate TikTok by claiming to have found a hidden room or tunnel.

Last month, a TikTok user named Logan Hunter said that he found a secret room hidden behind a fake wall in his pantry.

"So this is my pantry, and I realized like this wall is really wobbly. There's nothing behind it. So I'm going to take it apart and see what we can find. So I'm working on taking off the light switch now," Hunter said in the video.

To his shock, he finds a staircase that leads to a room, which he later realized is the building's attic.

Also in October, a woman said she found a secret room under her hotel bed. She, too, posted a video of the discovery to TikTok that has amassed millions of views.

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A viral video that allegedly shows a school bathroom’s “secret tunnel” has piqued the internet’s curiosity. In a follow-up video, the TikToker showed what was at the end of the tunnel. Philipp Berezhnoy/istock