Viral Video Showing Restaurant Customers Staying Past Closing Sparks Debate

An employee at a PF Changs in Kentucky went viral after posting a video to TikTok complaining about a table that stayed an hour and a half past closing time and poorly tipped.

Wes, or @blondeboy93, uploaded the TikTok on Saturday where it received more than 1.4 million views and 1,200 comments.

"There is a special place in hell for these people," the caption of the video read, followed by various hashtags including #rudepeople and #sociallyunacceptable.

According to various replies to a popular Yelp forum, it is rude for a customer to stay past closing at a restaurant because it prevents the employees from finishing up their work and going home.

Other people in the forum mentioned that if they arrive at a restaurant within half an hour before closing, they ask if the kitchen is still open or if they've already closed. It is also courteous to not linger more than 30 minutes after closing to avoid keeping employees late.

In the video, Wes showed a table of four sitting in a completely empty and cleaned dining room at a PF Changs, an Asian chain restaurant.

As the family was getting up to leave, the server showed that they were the only customers left in the restaurant.

"We closed an hour and a half ago," the on-screen text explained. "And they stiffed their server. Don't do this."

In the comments, viewers called out the customers for not understanding how selfish it was to make the restaurant staff stay an hour and a half after closing.

"So classless," one comment read.

"Like y'all don't get embarrassed when you're the only people left in the restaurant & im mopping the other side? like cmon now take the hint and leave," another comment read.

"I remember those days and the worst part they actually come back," one user commented.

Other users replied to the comment, with one user saying they always remembered the faces of customers who were rude or didn't tip.

But some viewers said the customers were not to blame in the situation and the staff should have asked them to leave rather than wait for them.

"The manager is to blame!" one user suggested.

Some users who said they also work in restaurants said they do not let customers stay after closing.

"If the kitchen closes at 10:00 the last time we seat is 9:15 and no togo after 9," one user wrote. "Last call is 10:15 and by 10:30 all customers have to be out the door."

Restaurant closing time
An employee at PF Changs went viral after complaining about a table that stayed an hour and a half past closing. Robin Van Lonkhhuijsen/AFP via Getty Images