Viral Video Showing Starbucks Order Allegedly Totaling Over $50K Leaves Internet Shocked

Can you imagine getting a Starbucks order totaling more than $50,000?

That is allegedly what happened at a Starbucks, according to a now-viral TikTok video that the Internet can't stop talking about. Over 800,000 people have viewed the footage so far, and it has also gained more than 243,000 likes.

In the video, posted two days ago by Esha_crosby, a Starbucks employee is seen reacting to an order that totals $52,189.20. The order, which consists of 9,576 venti caramel Frappuccinos, is shown on the order screen.

According to the footage, the Starbucks worker appears to look incredulous with a hand on his hip and a headset with a mask below his mouth.

Viewers are also treated to a view of all the order tickets ready to be placed on the beverages for the order.

One thing is certain: people are consuming coffee and in record numbers. The National Coffee Association's National Coffee Data Trends report for 2021 revealed that people in the United States are drinking more coffee while at work by 55 percent and at restaurants and cafes by 20 percent since January of this year. There's been an increase by 16 percent in people drinking coffee outside of their homes as well.

"As COVID restrictions ease, coffee drinkers are returning to pre-pandemic routines but also keeping their favorite new coffee options like drive-through and app-based ordering. Wherever Americans go, they keep America's favorite beverage with them," said National Coffee Associaton President William Murray in a press statement.

Commenters can't believe the situation, and some poked fun at it.

"Those Frappuccinos will be melted by the time they're done making them lol," a TikToker said.

Other users had their own solutions for the situation. "That's when I quit," one person said.

"And that's when I go on my 30," said another viewer in the comments.

Some TikTok users had reactions like "Hold on" and "There's no way."

"Oh hellll nah," someone else chimed in.

"Omg I would start crying of stress," another user said.

One person would just decline to take down the order entirely. "I would simply refuse to make that order," they said. "I'd cancel and say we don't have the ingredients lmao."

"Did they have multiple cars come pick them up?" another user wanted to know. "Or was it swarming with people that were promised a drink by some rich person? I need more details."

A TikTok user had a legitimate question: "Who needs 9,576 venti caramel Frappuccinos?!"

Newsweek reached out to Starbucks for comment but has not heard back at the time of publication.

$50K Starbucks order
MARIN CITY, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 29: The Starbucks logo is display on the exterior of a Starbucks store on October 29, 2021 in San Francisco, California. Starbucks shares fell 7 percent a day after the coffee chain reported fourth quarter earnings that fell short of analyst expectations. The company also announced plans to raise barista pay by summer of 2022. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images