Viral Video Shows Guest in Disney World Restricted Area, Prompts Lifetime Ban Discussion

A TikTok video that shows a Disney guest standing in a restricted section of the Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle has gone viral. Though the guest doesn't appear to be doing anything nefarious, many commenters thought he could receive a lifetime ban from the park.

Shannon (@princessshannon) posted the video to her TikTok page Thursday with the caption "someone's in trouble." Already, the video — which was filmed at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom — has received more than 200,000 views and nearly 14,000 likes.

"We saw a guy just walk up onto the castle," the narrator says at the beginning of the video. Sure enough, an unidentified park-goer can be seen posing for a photo from the balcony of Cinderella Castle.

According to the Disney blog Inside The Magic, several areas of the castle are "strictly off-limits to guests," including the balcony upon which the guest in Shannon's video is standing.

"From time to time — especially during the pandemic when Disney characters were greeting guests from afar — Guests could see characters like Anastasia and Drizella, the Wicked Stepsisters from Cinderella, for example, standing on the balcony, waving to and chatting with guests who passed by," the blog said.

"But even though this balcony area is accessible for Cast Members, it is restricted to guests at all times."

Whether or not the guest knew the area was restricted is unknown.

The next frame of Shannon's video shows a Disney Cast Member walking towards the castle to meet the guest upon his descent.

"Oh he knows he's in trouble," says a voice from behind the camera as the guest hurries down the steps.

Though the conversation between the cast member and the guest was not shown, many commenters believe the guest's actions earned him a lifetime ban from the park.

"Disney security is writing up his lifetime ban as they watch this," commented thisismaxkennedy.

"How to get banned from Disney 101," added allisondavies5.

Turns out, these commenters might be right. In October 2019, Fox Business shared the 10 things that could get an individual banned from Disney. In addition to shoplifting, harassment and public indecency, the network claimed that trespassing into employee-only areas could lead to a lifetime ban.

"Trespassing in any form will get you in trouble," Fox Business reported. "This includes jumping out your seat mid-ride, entering bodies of water or following cast members into an employee-only backstage area."

In March, well-known Disney TikToker The Mouselets (@themouseletes) shared the story of "urban explorer" Matt Sonswa, a YouTuber who received two lifetime bans after he snuck into abandoned and/or restricted areas on park property such as Discovery Island, an abandoned "mini theme park;" River Country, an abandoned water park; and a VIP lounge in Epcot, among others.

Guests should also note that Walt Disney World lists "unauthorized access or entry into backstage areas or areas designated only for Cast Members" as a "prohibited activity" on its website.

Cinderella's castle
A TikTok video that shows a Disney guest standing in a restricted section of Cinderella Castle has gone viral. Handout / Handout/Getty