Viral Video Shows Man Jumping Over 5 Cars on Pogo Stick, Setting New World Record

Florida resident Tyler Phillips set the world record in London, England on Wednesday for "most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick," by jumping over five London cabs.

The exciting moment was captured on video and posted to Instagram by Guinness World Records, the "global authority on record-breaking achievements since 1955." Already, the post has received more than 200,000 views and over 18,000 likes.

"Standing at nearly 2m [6.5 feet] tall and 1.6m [5.2 feet] wide, the five electric London cabs made for challenging hurdles," GWR said on its website.

Still, Phillips managed to jump over all five, and even flipped over the last vehicle.

In the video, he is presented his official certificate by a member of the GWR team, who says: "You had to beat four, and today you achieved five. So, congratulations—you are officially amazing!"

In a conversation with GWR, Phillips said it "took a long time to train for this record."

"To practice, I set up pogo sticks figuring out the width of a car," he added. "I'd have multiple. It felt so weird and that had me a little nervous, but as soon as I got here and I was doing the cars, it just felt easier. Training for this record was way harder than actually doing it."

According to GWR, Wednesday marked the 18th annual Guinness World Records Day, which "commemorates the day Guinness World Records became the best-selling copyright book of all time."

The company claimed that since its first publication in 1955, more than 143 million copies of the record book have been sold in over 100 countries.

Phillips wasn't the only one to smash records on the annual holiday. Reuters reported that British gymnast Ashley Johnson "broke his own record for the farthest backflip between two horizontal bars when he managed to propel himself 6 meters [19.7 feet] through the air."

Additionally, 32-year-old Laura Biondo set the record for "most double 'around the world' ball control tricks in one minute achieved by a female," and China's Zhang Shuang pulled a car for 50 meters in 1 minute and 13.27 seconds while walking on his hands.

Also on their Instagram page, GWR shared a video of Ayoub Touabe setting the world record for "most single leg backward somersaults in 30 seconds."

Phillips told GWR that he hopes to break his own record someday soon.

"Thank you all so much for the wild & fun opportunity I'll never forget," Phillips commented on GWR's Instagram post.

London cabs
Florida native Tyler Phillips set the world record Wednesday for “most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick,” by jumping over five London cabs. "Training for this record was way harder than actually doing it," Phillips said. Jupiterimages/istock