Viral Video Shows McDonald's Worker Pouring Coke From Bottle Instead of Soda Machine

A TikTok has gone viral after showing a McDonald's employee pouring Coca-Cola from a two-liter bottle into a McDonald's drink cup. The video is getting a lot of attention from viewers online.

TikToker @ronaldmcnuggets1 shared the viral video that had the words written on the screen and read out loud: "Tell me your job is ghetto without telling me your job is ghetto."

The song Old Town Road #2 played by Lil Nas X is in the background while the screen went from the floor where the videographer's shoes could be seen as they walked over to another McDonald's employee who was pouring a two-liter of Coca-Cola into a McDonald's cup with ice on the counter. Another cup is next to it as well.

According to Statista, there are 39,198 McDonald's restaurants in the world. The company's worldwide revenue equated to $19.21 billion in 2020.

The short nine-second clip has already gone viral with 1.3 million views and 65,000 likes. Some sympathized with the employees, while others shared their own stories of similar situations.

Soft drink being poured
A McDonald's worker pouring Coca-Cola from a two-liter into a cup has gone viral. Here, a soft drink is poured in a glass. LEMON_TM/GETTY

One TikTok user observed that the "job is getting the job done." They also added, "Nothing ghetto about that. Employees making it happen."

Another user actually said they respected the employees for pouring the coke from the two-liter "because a lot of places would just say 'we're out of Coke.'"

While one viewer thought customers would definitely notice the difference to the beverage "because it won't have that spice to it like the fountain one."

One user simply put it: "If you haven't done this at least once you haven't been working in fast food very long."

Some TikTokers have been in a similar situation before as well. "Been there before," a viewer said. "One day we had to hand out cans of pop."

"Man our town always under a boil order so this happens like once a month," another TikTok user confided.

While another viewer pointed out that some establishments have machine hoses that freeze "so they have to resort to this," they revealed in a comment.

One TikToker had a similar experience. "Omg this happened to us when I worked there," they said.

Some people recalled their own stories of mishaps at work, and they shared them in the comments. "One time we had to buy straws from the Dollar Store because we ran out," someone said. "They were assorted color bendy straws."

Newsweek reached out to McDonald's for comment.