Viral Video Shows New Yorkers Lifting SUV To Free Woman Trapped Underneath After She Was Run Over

A video of several people in Manhattan working together to lift a sports utility vehicle to rescue a woman who was trapped under it after she was run over accumulated more than 1 million views after it was shared on social media Sunday.

Taken from across the street from where the SUV was, the 59-second long video shows several people running to the vehicle and lifting it up to free the woman underneath.

Colby Droscher shared the video on his Twitter account at 5:26 p.m. Sunday. By Monday morning, Droscher's post had accrued more than 56,000 likes and more than 10,000 retweets.

"Just now at Delancey and Norfolk in the Lower East Side an accident ran over a pedestrian trapping them under an SUV," he wrote in the tweet. "Onlookers just lifted the SUV, dragging the victim out."

Droscher elaborated in a message to the New York Post.

"As I approached there were big crowds forming all around the intersection," Drosche told the Post. "All of a sudden everyone ran to lift the car. It all happened so fast."

After Droscher shared the video, he also shared a snapshot of the woman after she was no longer under the SUV. It showed her lying on her back, looking at her phone, surrounded by members of the New York City Fire Department and the police department.

"The woman is awake and on her phone," Droscher captioned the photo.

Another user, @AmbientHex, wrote that some of the people lifting the SUV were doing so from the wrong side, suggesting that they were "on other side with others lifting wheel on passenger side off her ankle."

"She was able to crawl out on her own before this," @AmbientHex wrote. "Looked like driver tried to keep going, but hit a car in the intersection. Woman was lucky she wasn't crushed."


A spokesperson from the fire department said that they received a trauma call at 5:10 p.m. that resulted in one person being transported to Bellevue Hospital, the Post reported.

Information found on the New York City government's website showed that traffic incidents such as the one that caused the woman to become trapped under the SUV cause more than 200 deaths and about 4,000 serious injuries in the city every year.

"Being struck by a vehicle is the leading cause of injury-related death for children under 14, and the second leading cause for seniors," according to the site. On average, vehicles seriously injure or kill a New Yorker every two hours."

Traffic on 42nd Street in New York
Traffic moves along 42nd Street at sunset on June 2, 2019 in New York City. Gary Hershorn/Getty
Viral Video Shows New Yorkers Lifting SUV To Free Woman Trapped Underneath After She Was Run Over | U.S.