Watch Adorable Moment Tired Puppy Is Slid Into Crate

Footage of a fatigued puppy being gently placed into its crate has gone viral on Reddit and the Gfycat website.

The gif, shared in a post titled "Smoothly And Imperceptibly We Go To Bed," has had at least 1.2 million views and received over 7,000 comments since it was posted by cenabollywood on the WhatsWrongWithYourDog subreddit. It features a dog curled up on the floor, appearing nearly lifeless.

The German shepherd is seen being gently slid by a man who later cradles the dog off the floor before carefully tucking its body into the crate and over a blanket.

User Tyrion_Strongjaw said: "My german shepherd did the exact same thing when he was a pup. He'd get tired and just like become a blob. You could pick him up, move him, hell he damn near became a liquid. Till the day he passed, if he was super tired he'd lay down, look at you and huff, and wait for you to slide/carry him to his comfy bed spot. Thanks for the memories."

Another user, wrote minda_spK said: "We call that 'going full noodle' in my house. Dachshunds seem to enjoy it also."

Mashable88 said, "Oh that is such a sweet story. Like a forever 2 yr old 💜," while LockeAbout wrote, "I see he's trained his human well."

IsThereCheese said: "I was waiting for the dog to either freak out at the last foot, or for the guy to yeet him into the kennel."

Some criticized the use of crates for dogs, with fquirogam commenting: "I don't understand at all the use of cages with dogs. I've seen lots of videos with dogs inside the house and then cages for the dogs inside the house, this is ridiculous."

Others explained the crate was useful for different purposes, such as potty training and separation anxiety, as noted by Redditor invisible-bug, who also said: "Also, some of the more severe injuries actually require dogs to be crated while healing. Trying to do that once they're an adult while they're injured is heartbreaking."

Crates can "become good sleeping homes," explained Eternal12equiem.

"After training our Cavalier the crate became more of his den. He prefers to sleep inside his home at night then on the bed. It's no longer about crating him while we are away it's more he knows that's his personal area and he's safe there," the user added.

Aiden2817 said: "Dogs actually like cages. They're little dens that belong to them and they can get away from stress."

The Humane Society of the United States warns that crates should be used carefully. If used incorrectly, your pet can feel trapped and frustrated, while crates may not be a viable option at all for some dogs.

A German shepherd laying on floor.
A close-up of a German shepherd dog laying on the floor. Footage of a tired German shepherd being gently slid into its crate has gone viral on Reddit. iStock/Getty Images Plus

A crate should always have a comfortable bed in it, with its door left open when you're home, so that your dog can enter it when they "need a safe space," which also indicates your pet "needs some quiet time," the society explains.

A study published in July 2020 in the peer-reviewed journal Animals found that "dogs were most commonly settled to sleep by being left in a room/area without human company."

Of the dogs that had access to people overnight, "86.7 percent and 86.8 percent chose to be around people at 16 weeks and 12 months of age, respectively," the study showed.

"The most common sleeping place was in a kennel/crate at 16 weeks (49.1 percent), and a dog bed at 12 months (31.7 percent)," according to the study.

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