TikTok of Drunk Woman 'Lost' on Horseback in Mexico Goes Viral

A TikTok video of a drunk woman on a horse lost in Mexico went viral, and it had some people laughing while others were concerned. The young woman is named Liz, and she uses the handle @lizzyfromtheblock99 on TikTok. She posted the video over the weekend, where it quickly garnered more than 10.5 million views as of press time. In the clip, she explains she's on a horse--in fact, she mentions the horse many times--drunk, lost, and unable to ask locals for help because she doesn't speak Spanish.

Jungle Horse
Horses can make for unlikely heroes if you find yourself lost in a Mexican jungle. Getty

Before watching and worrying about her whereabouts, know that she eventually made it back to her hotel safely. She thanks the horse for that, saying it knew how to get back. Here is her original video:

In the video, she says: "Hi, TikTok. I'm currently in the jungle in Mexico somewhere, and I don't speak Spanish, and I'm on a horse, and I got drunk, and I don't know got here."

She continues on, explaining that "nobody around me speaks my language, so they don't know what I'm saying. I don't know where I'm going. I just know I'm on a horse." At this point, she turns the camera downward to prove that she is indeed on a horse. She says, "This is my horse." Scanning to the side of the horse, she focuses the phone on a bag and assorting fabrics and adds, "These are all my things."

In front of her are two children--also riding a horse--who keep turning around to address her in Spanish. Liz notes, "They keep yelling things at me that I don't understand. Um, I'm scared, because I don't know how to ride a horse."

While she seems at least mildly amused about her predicament at the onset of the video, at this point she becomes noticeably afraid, screaming repeatedly, "I'm scared!"

The video was widely shared, and other TikTok users posted their own videos as reactions to it. The comments for her video were also flooded with messages, some genuinely concerned about her, since the clip ends without explanation of what happened to her next, while others were critical of her for placing herself in such a situation in the first place.

She soon took to TikTok and posted a response to those comments and to assure everyone that she had indeed made it back to her hotel unharmed.


hi all I never expected my video to go viral, it was just for my friends to laugh at but I really appreciate everyone’s concern! All is good ily :)

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"Hello, world. I'm here to clarify a few things. For one, I'm alive and well. I'm back at my hotel. The issue with the horse was I was lost, but the horse wasn't lost, if that makes sense. The horse knew where it was going apparently, 'cause it took me to this waterfall. I just got separated from my group, because my horse kept running faster than everybody else's horses, and I was in the front."

She then went on to address some of the messages she received.

"I lot of people are coming at me about saying nobody spoke my language, and I didn't speak their's. The kids didn't speak English, and I've been trying to learn Spanish. I've had five years of it in school, but you know how that goes. People are also coming at me about traveling during a pandemic. But I do wear my mask, which I didn't wear my mask for that, because it was outside, and I travel very safely. Also, my phone died, so that's why I couldn't tell anyone I was safe last night, and I was intoxicated, obviously. But I'm okay, and I appreciate everybody being worried about me. All is good. Thank you, guys! Also, I love Mexico!"