Viral Video of Woman Forcing Her Way Onto Subway Leaves Internet Divided on Train Etiquette

A viral video circulating TikTok of a woman forcing her way onto a crowded New York City train is leaving viewers divided on appropriate train etiquette.

The video, posted by @d.fyp on TikTok, has racked up over 2 million views and 2,900 comments since being posted on Friday. Although, there doesn't seem to be a majority opinion with most commenters being split about the woman's choice to push onto the crowded subway car.

The woman carrying a magazine, large purse, and jacket jumps into the car as the subway doors start closing on her legs that haven't made it inside. A woman behind her starts pushing back and attempts to push her through the open doors.

The woman attempts to close the doors with her hand but they pop open since she is standing in the way. She then pushes back into the people standing behind her and makes it onto the car with clearance for the doors. The train then continues on its route like normal.

"NYC subway be like," reads the caption on the video. Many of the comments on the post are divided, with some saying that's just how it has to be sometimes, and others claiming the woman should have just waited for the next train.

"The people saying she could of waited for the next train, you obviously not from New York," reads one comment with over 12,500 likes.

"THAT'S A NEW YORKER ALRIGHT...FIGHT FOR UR SPOT..." joked another user in the comments.

Other commenters believed the woman was fine for getting on the train and that the people behind her should have given her more room so she didn't have to push back on them.

"They both wrong. She wrong for trying to squeeze in that tiny space and the other wrong for pushing her..." another person commented on the video.

But is subway etiquette even a real practice in the New York subway system? Writers at Curbed don't believe so.

"The truth—as any exhausted, beaten down New Yorker will tell you—is that often, there are no rules on the subway beyond the New York City Criminal Code, no matter what any subway etiquette guides might tell you," a writer at Curbed wrote. "But it never hurts to have a little bit of spatial awareness."

Woman Pushed onto Crowded Subway
The viral video has many people divided whether or not the woman should have pushed her way onto the train or if she should have waited for the next one. Wachiwit/Getty Images

In terms of spatial awareness, it is common courtesy to step out of the doorway when standing in the train car.

"Stand to the side to let people off the train; put your backpack or messenger bag on the ground in crowded trains," the article in Curbed continues. "Avoid filling the seats next to you with all your stuff or your sense of entitlement; walk all the way into the train instead of stopping six inches after walking through the doors."

Next time you jump on the crowded train, make sure you find the least crowded car and try to stand away from the doors so as to not block other passengers. While there are no written rules, being courteous never hurt anybody, not even in New York City.