Viral Video of Wrestler's Crotch Set on Fire Watched Over One Million Times

Playing with fire is a risky business, both literally and metaphorically as an Indiana wrestler found out for himself when his crotch was lit on fire in a stunt that went horribly wrong.

JJ Allin suffered second-degree burns to his legs, but the trick could have had far worse consequences.

The incident unfolded at the "Southern Sickness Memorial Cup," a Pro Wrestling Trainwreck presentation held at the Axl Rotten Memorial Hall in Connersville, Indiana.

Billed as "The Most Violent Show on Earth," the event lived up to its name as one match saw Eric Ryan set JJ Allin's crotch on fire and fuel the flames with a weedwacker.

If the premise sounds absurd even for a heavily-scripted exhibition like wrestling, footage of the incident was downright terrifying as it soon became apparent the flames weren't as under control as the two wrestlers would have liked.

Nothing like the independent wrestling scene

(S/o the @BSSportsbook merch at the end )

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) May 15, 2021

As the fire swiftly burns out of control, Allin quickly stands up and tries to roll himself over to extinguish the flames that threaten to engulf him. One spectator can be seen pouring a liquid from what looks to be either a soft drink or a beer can on the unfortunate wrestler to keep the flames under control.

A video of Allin's crotch being on fire went viral after being retweeted by Barstool Sports and has racked up over one million views at the time of writing.

Both wrestlers seemed to enjoy their new-found popularity, despite the fact the stunt could have ended disastrously.

"This better get me on ridiculousness," Ryan tweeted, while Allin marveled at the amount of views the video had received. "One million views," he tweeted.

This better get me on ridiculousness.

— Eric Ryan (@Ericryanpro) May 16, 2021

One million views..

— JJ Allin (@JJ_Allin) May 16, 2021

Despite being the victim of an incident that could have had ever-lasting consequences, Allin was surprisingly philosophical about the stunt going awry.

"All love to everyone involved in the event tonight. I have done that spot a dozen times successfully, and had no issue," he wrote in a Facebook post.

"Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned. The event promotion was nothing but class acts the entire time, and by no means should be blamed."

He then added that he had two second-degree burns on his legs, but acknowledged he was fully aware of the risks involved in the stunt.

"I have been a professional stunt man for over 15 years, I know the risk in what I do, and I accept the consequences.

"I have two second degree burns on my legs. I got away lucky, and I will retire that stunt for good. The biggest issue was my water crew not being where I needed them to be. Plain and simple."

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